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THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA, in the RAMSDEN DECISION, defended street postering as FREEDOM OF SPEECH for people Without Access To Main Stream Media (magazines, newspapers, radio, television, etc.). People who advertise in mainstream media do not have a legal right to poster. Postering is for the poor and the poor only. Nor did they defend it to be made a business of.

James Gillis (aka Dr. Jamie) smearing Reg Hartt with street posters as well as covering up and\or destroying the posters of others: .

The Metro News reported the longstanding  conflict between myself and James Gillis as a feud.

The effect has been for others to wrongfully see it that way:

It is not a feud. Oliver Moore, in THE GLOBE AND MAIL, got it right: The founder of a landmark alternative theatre in downtown Toronto is refusing to back down in the face of a poster-bullying campaign that seems designed to bring violence upon him and his associates.

City of Toronto authorities refuse to act. They say this matter is civil not criminal. They aqre wrong. It is criminal:   .

Posters attacking myself are once again going up around the city. This one uses a Pinterest post supposedly put up by Toronto journalist John Semley to make it appear John is working with Gillis to bring harm to myself.
Supposedly John Semley posted James Gillis’ flyer smearing former Gillis employee Daniel Goggin here (he did not of course):


That Pinterest post first appeared in 2013. I contacted Semley then. He did nothing. This time out John contacted me. He informed Pinterest an imposter was using his name. As a result this has been removed. I don’t owe John an apology. That should come from the one who appropriated his name. John does deserve an thank you from me. I am more than happy to give it.


James Gillis (aka Dr. Jamie) once lived with Reg Hartt. He began his street postering business in 2000. He operates under the names Campus Postering, Dr. Jamie’s Events Postering, and several others.

James Gillis also sells used bicycles out of back alley garages.

In the operation of his poster business he routinely tears down the work of other people.

From the web:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Davisville Psycho

There is this nutjob in Davisville that doesn’t let anyone put up posters. Now, he’ll put up posters but no one else. We put up some posters last year, along Davisville from Yonge St. to Mt. Pleasant. We thought it was great. Bare poles, buildings, people walking by, clean, nice neighbourhood. Later that night we get a message. Someone threatening to smash our skulls in if we ever poster there again. So what do we do, we poster there again! We were told it was this big guy, riding around on a scooter, who was into animation and such. And we kept our eyes open. We stuck up posters, starting at Mt. Pleasant. We walked towards Yonge on Davisville, sticking up posters on the bare poles, keeping an eye out. We didn’t see anything. On our way back, posters seemed missing. Where we thought we put posters, there were none. We could have swore we stuck some up on that pole. We got in the car and sure enough we saw the culprit, in broad daylight, with a knife cutting posters off, clearing the streets of Davisville of posters. We tried confronting him and he just rushed off. Dr. Jamie of Dr. Jamie’s Events is the psycho who leaves death threats on people answering machines if they stick up a poster on a public property in Davisville!
The City Of Toronto Street Posters Bylaws are exceptionally fair and well thought out. Street posters may be no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches (letter size). Business posters may not be placed on utility poles. James Gillis in the operation of his businesses routinely ignores the bylaws as can be seen in the videos below.
City Of Toronto Street Poster Bylaws:

Video Evidence:

James (Dr Jamie) Gillis. “Still playing with the boys, Reg?”


Hate Messages: Harassing phone calls as soundtrack to poster abuse.


James Gillis (aka Dr. Jamie) posting hate flyers against Reg Hartt, ripping down posters put up by others, posting illegal, oversize posters (City Poster Bylaws allow only for posters 8 ½ x 11 inches)


Street Poster Smear Jon 2017 04 17


Dr. Jamie’s Street Poster Campaign Against Terry Ross.


Daniel Goggin on working for Dr. Jamie and being smeared by him with street posters.


John-Paul Re on working for Dr. Jamie.


My posters and those of others trashed by …


James (Dr. Jamie) Gillis covers and or destroys the work of others.


James (Dr. Jamie) Gillis worker.


James (Dr. Jamie) Gillis worker 3


James (Dr. Jamie) Gillis worker 2


Selective Bylaw Enforcement? Sunday, August 16, 2015


Selective Enforcement of City Of Toronto Poster Bylaws?





James “Dr. Jamie” Gillis Part 2 Phantom Bike Sales.


James “Dr. Jamie” Gillis. Phantom Used Bike Sales.


Torn Posters 4, 16, 2016


Street Posters 2017 04 16


Torn posters behind commercial posters 04, 17, 2016


Poster Bully


James (Dr. Jamie) Gillis covers and or destroys the work of others.


Poster Violations 8, 17, 2015


Silence Is Complicity.–Albert Einstein, Jane Jacobs. Smear Posters



James (Dr. Jamie) Gillis ignoring City of Toronto Postering Bylaws.

Reviews of James Gillis Used Bicycle Business can be found here:’s+bike+clinic+review

Here are samples:


James Gillis routinely posts flyers meant to bring harm to others.


Toronto alternative-theatre founder stands up to bullying threats

This flyer was posted around Toronto in 2010. It was put up by James Gillis.


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