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The first time I saw NOSFERATU (1922) it was an edited down 8mm print I projected on my bedroom wall. I was around 17.  My brother Mark watched it with me. He was 10. He had nightmares of it that night.

A few years ago I scored the film to music from RADIOHEAD’s KID A and OK COMPUTER. I thought I would show that only a few times. It has become one of my most requested programs.

Back in the 1980s I got the idea to create a score for the film inspired by the picture’s subtitle, “A Symphony Of Fear.” I deciede to build a score from the macabre music of the world’s greatest composers. This presentation truly would be a “Symphony Of Fear.”

That score includes:


Saint Saen’s DANCE OF DEATH.

Scriabin’s BLACK MASS SONATA (which, claimed the composer, properly performed will bring on the Apocalypse. Scriabin went mad shortly after composing it).

and more including Beeethoven’s MOONLIGHT SONATA.

That score has been on the shelf now for too long. I invite you to experience it.

WARNING: Bring a friend with who you can spend the night as you will not want to be alone.–Reg Hartt.

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