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Signs and Posters on Public Property

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Help to keep our city clean, green and beautiful – use the City’s public kiosks and message centres for your posters and signs. Toronto Municipal Code 693, Posters on Public Property regulates the placement of posters in Toronto. The City actively patrols and enforces the bylaw.

Placing any poster or sign other than a community poster on public property or in any place other than the permitted kiosks will not be permitted.

What posters can be put up on city property (e.g. utility poles)?

Posters or signs regarding community issues such as a lost pet, a yard sale or cultural and / or religious events are permitted on locations other than City-approved structures.

I run a small business – can I put my posters on telephone poles?

No. If you are running a business, please do not put posters on:

  • Utility poles
  • Traffic signs
  • Bus shelters
  • Trees
  • Street litter disposal containers

Please use the community kiosks and message boards provided by the city.

See the list of community kiosk and message board locations; or view a map overview of the locations throughout the City.

There is no message board or kiosk where I want to put up my poster. Who can I contact to recommend additional locations?

Please call 311 or e-mail suggestions to

What is the fine for putting up posters or signs illegally?

The fine is $490.


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