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One night only. If you have never seen a Bela Lugosi film now is the moment. If you have, you know how great this moment will be.

Contemporary film writers call these pictures “B” movies. This shows they do not know their subject. “B” movies were made to be the bottom half of a double bill. These motion pictures were made as “A” movies. They stood alone. They stand alone.

Again, contrary to popular critical writing these picture were not made as horror films. They were made as movies.

In the period these films were released over 65% of the population in America went to the movies. Today that figure is less then 10%. In their day motion picture theaters sat thousands. To day they seat hundreds and mostly they sit empty.

Jane Jacobs used her eyes, ears, feet and intelligence to find out why cities were dying. Her answers outraged the experts.

Reg Hartt has used his eyes, ears, feet and intelligence to find out why the movies are dying.

You won’t find Canada’s film elite at a Reg Hartt program.

Said David Beard in THE TORONTO STAR, “Reg Hartt is under-financed, overworked and snubbed…We should be paying tribute to him.”

Canada’s film elite stay away from Reg Hartt’s programs because he talks before them.

Said Jane Jacobs to Reg Hartt over a beer in her home, “The best part of what you offer is what you have to say.” Donation for the program $20.00.

Said a UofT film writer, “I seldom feel a film’s greatness in film class. I often feel it at Reg Hartt’s Cineforum.” Feel the greatness of Bela Lugosi tonight at Reg Hartt’s Cineforum.

Said Chandler Levack, “Reg Hartt’s Cineforum is the best place in Toronto to take a date.” Bring the man or woman of your dreams. You will want them beside you in bed after you see these fine films.

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