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Daniel Goggin, one of the other people who has been smeared via anonymous street posters (   ) was told that the man behind the posters is offering money to have him killed.

Last week I found out the same is true in my case.

The author of all this was charged September 18, 2017 with Criminal Harassment and arrested.

This came about, ironically, because he had also filed a bogus complaint against myself in 2014 which stated I was offering money to have him harmed. By God’s grace a copy of that complaint made its way into my hands. When I got it (it had been found on the street and passed on to me) I at once called the police.

Our police have been and are taking a lot of slagging. I can only say that in the years since I first came to this city (the mid 1960s) my experience with them has been and continues to be overwhelmingly positive.

What I find ironic is that NOW, a publication that seems to thrive on presenting a portrait of the police that is negative, seems to have deliberately chosen to turn a blind eye to the man behind the poster campaigns smearing myself and others as does THE METRO NEWS which described what has been going on as a feud. Will Sloan, in a piece for THE TORONTOIST (which seems to thrive on picturing this as a feud) does as well:   ,, .   It is not.

The man behind this has been banned from possessing and/or posting anything related to myself.

That has not stopped him from destroying the flyers for my programs.

The city’s postering bylaws are extremely well thought out and eminently fair. Unfortunately, while the city has been eager to fine others it seems to be turning a blind eye to the author of this mischief. For example, business posters are not allowed on utility poles while community posters are. Not only do we find this man’s business posters on utility poles we almost always find them covering the ones legally allowed there. The city must have its own reasons for allowing this. I cannot fathom them.

Last week I was told by a street person he had been offered money to tear down my flyers, more money to break my legs and much more money to completely take me out of the picture entirely.

While I had allowed the destruction of my flyers to pass this I reported to the police. Naturally, as with everything else he has done, the man behind this will deny it.

He can deny it all he wants. In June I filmed him in the act.

Einstein said that evil succeeds because good men do nothing.

He said that because he had learned the hard way that most people it seems prefer to not get involved.

Here Daniel Goggin speaks about his experiences with the man behind all this:      .

Here, once again, is the video I filmed of the poster smear campaign against Terry Ross, a former employee of the man:     .

Here is the video I filmed in June:       .

For those like the people at NOW and THE METRO NEWS who want to maintain this is a feud between two crazy old men, here is a post from 2010 long before the attacks on myself began:   .

Our Mayor and our City Councilors say there is nothing they can do.

That is not true.

What they can do is enforce the city’s street postering bylaws.

“I have seen those posters, Reg, they are hate. Why aren’t the police doing something,” my city councilor Joe Cressy said to me when running for office.

I replied, “The police are doing what they can. When you get into office you do something. Don’t do it for me. Do it for everyone.”

Bullies thrive because so few stand up to them.

Said Ed Keenan, of THE STAR, “Reg, you are the only man in this city who stands up.”

I am not, of course.

The police in this city have taken an awful lot of drubbing lately.

One thing can be said for the people finding fault with them. That one thing is this. When push comes to shove you’ll find these folks washing their hands.

Wash them all they want. Like Lady MacBeth they will find the stain impossible to remove.

All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing said Albert Einstein.

I don’t think it takes an Einstein to know that is true.

As that street person said to me last week, “If this offer is being made to me it is being made to others.”

Yes, it is.

The man behind this is sick. He needs help. The people empowering him by their refusal to act are beyond help.–Reg Hartt 16, 11, 2017.


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