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A negative picture of THE SHROUD OF TURIN gives us a positive picture of the man whose body is imprinted on it.

Nothing says EASTER more than The Shroud Of Turin.

A couple of years ago after watching a BBC documentary on THE SHROUD OF TURIN and an episode of the series JESUS FAITH, FACT AND FORGERY I decided to obtain an authorized replica of THE SHROUD OF TURIN.

While many are under the impression that carbon dating proved The Shroud a forgery the truth is that it did not as Harry Gove, the man whose carbon dating system was used in that test, has stated:   .

Last year at the invitation of John Maxwell I exhibited this replica at Dora Keogh’s on The Danforth. This was written about here: .

My experience has shown that far too many who think themselves Christians have only a superficial understanding of what it is we are called to.

This was borne out when a lawyer contacted me hoping to purchase my replica to keep it from being shown in a public house. He said he was a devout Catholic. Devout he may be but he clearly is ignorant of the fact that when Jesus walked the earth he was more welcome in public houses than he was in churches, synagogues and temples.

He is not alone in his spiritual poverty.

For its first 300 years Christianity was an illegal religion practiced in private homes.

To my mind Christianity lost a lot when it became legal as then many people embraced it largely out of expediency, especially when it was made the state approved official faith.

One of the greatest edicts of Christianity is to see the stranger as our long lost brother/sister.

This I have been doing for decades.

Ironically, welcoming the stranger into our home is illegal in Toronto.

” Thus, according to Elizabeth Glibbery, the Toronto and East York Manager of the Municipal Licensing & Standards Division, it operates as a place of public assembly, for which the building is not zoned.”[He is] inviting in people who may not be known to him,” Glibbery told us, when asked how a group of people gathered at the Cineforum differs from a group of friends gathered to watch a DVD at any other apartment in the Toronto. “

The Cineforum Is Dead! Long Live the Cineforum!

Where I come from if we don’t practice our faith in our life it is called hypocrisy.

It is said the nearer the church/synagogue/temple the farther from Allah, The Buddha, God.

One of the best writers on the Shroud of Turin is Ian Wilson.

In Wilson’s book THE EVIDENCE FOR CHRIST I learned that Jesus being from Galilee of course had a Galilean accent. That means when he spoke he dropped his aitches.

And, of course, he was dirt poor.

In other words he was exactly the kind of person many who think themselves learned would not give a moment to.

I don’t go to church. I do live my Faith.

This year for a new take on Easter I suggest you invite your readers to drop by my home.

As Thoreau said, “Any fool can make a law. Every fool will keep it.”

A law forbidding us to welcome strangers into our homes as our family is a foolish law.

–Reg Hartt 2018–02–05.

Shroud of Turin at Dora Keogh’s:

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