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In THE GOSPELS and the letters of THE NEW TESTAMENT we are told that after the foundation is laid for the Church of Christ the foundation will be laid for a false church that so much resembles the true even angels may be deceived but we shall know them by their fruits.


The fruit of conventional Christianity is the lie. Looking at the picture here of Rock Hudson I see a man who was forced to lie because to be truthful would destroy any chance of a career.


This is the fruit of conventional Christianity from Rome to the so called Christian right which, as the bumper sticker states, is neither Christian nor right.


On a bus trip out to visit a friend in Hollywood in 1970 I read a particularly powerful translation of THE NEW TESTAMENT cover to cover five times. It was only after I tore that copy up in front of a Bible idolator to whom I said, “We cannot worship this book” that I learned how far below the mark all the other translations from the much vaunted KING JAMES down to the poorest hit.


I have since read THE NEW TESTAMENT cover to cover several hundred times in different translations. Doing so I learned how much a word translated poorly robs the test.


When I discovered the Pelican New Testament commentaries I found a valuable resource that amplified the ideas expressed. Kurt Vonnegut, an atheist, stated often he would not wish to live in a world that did not have the Sermon from the mount. When asked by Richard Nixon and others why he so much cared for people clearly beneath his station in life the atheist Vonnegut replied to the “Christian” Nixon, “The Sermon From The Mount.” Vonnegut also spoke often of the twelve words of Jesus that serve as the antidote to the Code of Hammurabi and the Old Testament Laws. Those twelve words are the most ignored words in the world. They are “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”


Those twelve words should shut up all who call themselves Christians. That they do not serves to prove they are not.


Jesus was dirt poor. He had a Galilean accent. That means when he spoke he dropped his aitches (like a Cockney). Most who profess to love Christ would not give such a man five seconds of their time from the Pope to Billy Graham. I probably would not either.


Many who call themselves Christians deplore the time we are in. I celebrate it. More and more people are speaking the truth of their personal lives. We live in a time when people like Rock Hudson no longer need to lie to have a career. To me, that is a good thing.


Jean Cocteau stated, “Whatever the world condemns you for make it your own. It is yourself.” That takes courage. More and more people are finding that courage.


To me, that also is a good thing.


As for Jesus, I bought an authorized replica of The Shroud of Turin. I also bought all the important books and dvds. I have studied the science of this remarkable object which is the single most important historic, religious and scientific artifact we have.


Something truly remarkable happened in that tomb in which his body was placed.


The Breen Code, imposed on Hollywood by the Roman Catholic Church, forced the movies to lie about human relationships. As the man said, we shall know them by their works.


Forgive me for ranting but I am certain there are many who will laugh looking at this picture and say, “Now we know Hudson was lying.”


Yes, he was lying. Like many others he thought it was the only way he could be a success in this world.


It is not.–Reg Hartt 2018–02–11.


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