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I’m skipping this week’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD.

I don’t have a need to see a fictional character die.

Charles Beaumont, one of the greatest SF and Fantasy writers, said, “Writing for the movies (and TV) is like climbing a mountain of shit to smell a rose.”

That is not to say that now and then exceptional work arises that renews my love for both. Of course it does.

For those unable to fully understand what Beaumont said, he means by the time we get to the rose on top of that mountain of shit our sense of smell is dead.

Chandler Riggs and the rest of the cast on THE WALKING DEAD are fine people who in their portrayal of people struggling to survive in a nightmare world have done an exceptional job. Hats off to all of them.

Good as they are not one of them could survive the bite of the walking dead who produce that series.

As for Chandler Riggs, he’s a tough fellow.

We are defined by what we overcome.

He’ll come out fine whatever he does.

I wish him well.

I wish the rest of the folks on that series well as well.

Frankly, the best they could do as far as I am concerned is walk away from THE WALKING DEAD.

Too bad.–Reg Hartt 2018–02-26.

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