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This is a true story.

I had two beautiful dogs, Reefer and Charlie, whom when I walked with I looked for four leaf clovers. Reefer and Charlie would then have great fun sniffing the earth the way dogs do.

I found many four lead clovers. I put them in books I had read which I then gave, unwrapped, to friends at Christmas. The books were unwrapped because they, themselves, were the wrapping paper, If the person who received the gift read the book, thereby unwrapping the gift, they found the four leaf clover. If not, they did not. To my surprise very few “unwrapped” their gift.

In 1978 I was in Hay-On-Wye in Wales which is a town famous the world over for used books:    .

A little Welsh dog joined me for a walk down a dirt road. All at once he stopped in his tracks. I moved on figuring he had dog business. I looked back. He had not moved. I walked on. Again I looked back. He had not moved. Third time I figured there must be something up.

I went back, bent down, tweaked him under his right ear and said, “What’s up?”

At that his little pink tongue darted out drawing my attention to his nose in front of which was an EIGHT leaf clover.

–Reg Hartt 2018–10–04.

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