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After reading a post on Greenbriar Pictures Shows about Grapevine Video’s new dvd of Mascot’s MYSTERY MOUNTAIN (1934) with Ken Maynard I decided to order it.

When I did I found they are also offering a Blu-ray of Mascot’s 1933 THE WHISPERING SHADOW with Bela Lugosi. I have the Alpha video of that which is unwatchable.

While both titles are good I wish the people at Grapevine would speak to the people at Thunderbean Animation (  ) and THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE ( The work Bob Furmanek and Steve Stanchfield and their associates do with old materials has set the bar for what can be done even with 16mm pre-print materials.

If the people at Grapevine want folks other than die hard fans to buy their product they need to do better.

While THE WHISPERING SHADOW is a big improvement over the version offered by Alpha it could and should be better. That said, I love Bela Lugosi’s work. I am very glad to have this.

–Reg Hartt 2018–04–15.





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