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Starring Douglas Fairbanks
Directed by Allan Dwan

Also includes bonus feature THE GOOD BAD MAN (1916)
Starring Douglas Fairbanks
Directed by Allan Dwan

Special Features:
*THE GOOD BAD MAN (1916, 50 minutes)
*Amazing Tales from the Archives: Restoring THE HALF-BREED
*Audio Commentaries for THE HALF-BREED and THE GOOD BAD MAN by Tracey Goessel and Robert Byrne
*Music composed and performed by Donald Sosin
*Photo Gallery
*Reversible Art

(THE HALF-BREED cover illustration by Rae Swon)

People often comment that one reason they don’t like silent films is the poor quality of the images from the “Dark Age of the Cinema.”

They assume that way back then photography just was not as good as it now is.

Can’t blame them for that idea as the poor visual quality of many silent films available on dvd from lesser and underground sources is off putting to say the least.

But, no, those images when they first flashed on screens around the world did not look as they now too often do. In fact, the complete reverse. They were often breathtakingly beautiful.

The first time I saw just how beautiful they can and should look was when I bought a library of 16mm films from an estate back in the 1970s. Included were two Charlie Chaplin films made around the same time as these pictures.  The picture quality was so beautiful my jaw dropped. I now knew how these films SHOULD look.

THE HALF-BREED (1916) and THE GOOD BAD MAN (1914) in this new set from Kino Lorber have brought both those titles back to where they belong. They are beautiful to look at.

Story wise they are fine too which is the icing on a particularly good cake.

THE HALF-BREED is from a story by Bret Harte (     ) . It’s full of wit and packs a punch. To begin we meet the preacher who in his faith is as shallow as a creek and his daughter who, in a beautifully worded title, we discover is at best an airhead…

Generally I don’t care for the scores created for silent films on dvd and Blu-ray as the people who do them seem never to have watched a movie in their life. Donald Sosin is one of the exceptions. His work on both titles is first rate. He lets the movie speak instead of giving it a voice it never had.

A bonus on THE GOOD BAD MAN is Fairbanks’ co-star Bessie Love whom I have only seen before in THE LOST WORLD (1925) and ISADORA (1968).

Selected Stories by Bret Harte:

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