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I have wanted to see THE MAZE (1953) in 3D since one of my aunts told me how it scared the yell out of her when she saw it in 3D in the 1050s.

I tried making 2D to 3D conversions of it but while they were close, they were no cigar.

Now, thanks to Kino Lorber and The 3D Film Archive, I have the cigar:   .

THE MAZE (1953) while shot on a low budget at Allied Artists (formerly poverty row studio Monogram) has the benefit of having been directed by one of the richest talents in the history of the movies, William Cameron Menzies:    .

I have watched this film three times since I finally got my hands on it. The third time was while listening to the excellent commentary from Tom Weaver with added input from Bob Furmanek of The 3D Film Archive, David Schecter on the film’s score and Dr. Robert J. Kiss.

While some reviewers have forgotten that the best way to watch these films is as Jesus described the only way to enter the Kingdom of God (as a child) and have taken the film to task for the illogicality of the secret of THE MAZE (which I don’t intend to give away here and which, for best results you should keep secret about before showing the film to friends) Tom Weaver tells us the story of the dark secret of Scotland’s Glamis Castle:  ,,_born_1821)  .

Maurice Sandoz (whose company brought LSD to the world) we discover had a firm foundation on which to base his story:   ,  .

The thing about children is that we are born knowing. Toss an infant into a pool and s/he will swim like a fish. We are also born loving. All those nasty things like discrimination and hate are taught to us later.

Years ago during a screening of DRACULA (1931) with Bela Lugosi one man laughed loudly every time Bela appeared on the screen. The place was packed. He was ruining the experience for everyone else. I asked him why he was laughing. He said, “Because vampires do not exist. We all know this.”

I replied, “Yes, but for the moment we are all pretending that they do. Now here’s your money back. Please get the Hell out of here and never come back.”

He said, “You’re crazy.”

I said, “That’s fine. Now just leave.”

After he walked out the audience roared a loud, “THANK YOU!”

Midway through THE MAZE we see star Richard Carlson reading a book on teratology:   .  After you have seen the film go there. Then hit google and do a web search. You will find as I have found that more than a few nightmare creatures have emerged from the wombs of mothers.

If you can accept the premises of THE MARVEL UNIVERSE the premise of THE MAZE is a small leap of faith.

The fun of the movies is a good story well told. Thanks to the array of talents brought into this picture’s production THE MAZE (1953) is a good story exceedingly well told. I am grateful to my aunt for whetting my appetite to see it.

On a further note, thanks to the work of THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE we are seeing this film (and the other films they have worked on) better than people saw them in first release. Issues with the technical aspects of 3D which plagued these pictures in first release are corrected during their more than excellent restorations.

THE MAZE (1953) as the ads said, will a-maze ya. Now to watch it again. I have waited years for this pleasure.

The industry today is showing the same lack of good business sense theaters showed in the 1950s. At that time faced with the choice of 3D or CinemaScope theaters opted for CinemaScope. Screens became BIGGER. 3D it was thought had gone the way of the wind. It hadn’t.

Today, to save a few pennies television manufacturers added 4K but dropped 3D.

I wish they’d grow up.

Thankfully, Kino Lorber is keeping the 3D flame burning. It is burning brighter with every new release.

Now people, wake up. Bring back 3D TV. More folk deserve to be “A-MAZED.”

–Reg Hartt 2018—04-30.



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