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Sometimes we know absolutely the right thing to do. Come with the one you love. Bring a bottle of wine to salute the memory of this terrific woman.-Reg Hartt

“She was an actor of remarkable texture, and she’ll be missed. Check out that first Superman movie again, and you’ll see layers to Lois that you missed on your last viewing – the character beats, sure, but also the way she dresses and moves. Kidder’s playing a contemporary woman who’s lived through the Women’s Lib movement, and who wears her politics and her cynicism like armour.

“Watching her slowly drop that self-protection over the course of that date with Superman, revealing a woman who wants to believe in the idea of someone uncomplicated and genuinely good, is one of the deeper pleasures of that movie. It takes a gifted and very self-aware actor to pull off something like that and not look like a dope.

Kidder made it look so very easy.“–Norman Wilner. | @wilnervision



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