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 The Cineforum, 463 Bathurst below College. 416-603-6643. Private. All welcome.  Bring your own Food & Drink. (Across From The Beer Store). 19 & over only.

5pm Saturday, June 9, 16.

JANE JACOBS AT THE CINEFORUM “Reg Hartt’s Cineforum is everything Jane Jacobs wrote about. She was a regular.”–Laura Lind, EYE.

7pm Saturday, June 9, 16.

FILMS MADE BY SALVADOR DALI with Luis Bunuel and Walt Disney. Extraordinary and powerful motion pictures.

9pm Saturday, June 9, 16.

WHAT I LEARNED WITH LSD A talk with Reg Hartt.

5pm Sunday, June 10, 17.

THE JAZZ SINGER (1927) Al Jolson in the film that killed silent movies. This is the story of every secular Jew in the world. It does not get more powerful than this.

7pm Sunday, June 10, 17.

THE TOP TWELVE CARTOONS WE CAN NOT SEE UNCUT ON TV. Scissor happy censors eager to keep mothers from boycotting sponsers cut everything from the great films of Hollywood’s Golden Age of Theatrical cartoons they thought anyone might find offensive. Many of the best are banned. This is your chance to see them s we are meant to.

9pm Sunday, June 10, 17.

T. S. Eliot’s MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL (1951). One of the supremely great works of faith and English literature. Becket was the King’s man until the King made him God’s man.

Monday, June 11, 18. 

5pm: PEPI, LUCI & BOM. (1980) Pedro Almodovar. “I got lucky,” said Almodovar, “When I wanted to study film Spain shut down all the films schools. Instead I made films.” Almodvar was a Spanish drag queen. S/he made 8mm movies. His/her friends got together to help him/her make their first 16mm film, PEPI, LUCI and BOM. Pepi is an independent modern woman hoping to sell her virgin vagina.  Luci is a mousy, masochistic housewife who married a cop hoping he would beat her. Bom is a lesbian punk rock singer. This film scandalized all Europe. Naturally everyone had to see it. Canada should shut down all the film schools. Stay out of school. Make films. This film launched Pedro Almodovar’s career.

7pm: VIVA LA MUERTE (1971) . Fernando Arrabal’s first film is so subversive it soars. The New York Times stated it was “inescapably a major work.” Allmovie gave Viva la Muerte four stars, remarking that the film’s extreme visuals would make it “not for the faint of heart”. Based on Arrabel’s childhood. His mother betrayed his father to the Fascists in Spain.

9pm: EL TOPO (1970) Alejandro Jodorowsky.  I saw EL TOPO blind in first release in 1970 not knowing a thing about it. Wow! It was like being in the middle of a nuclear bomb explosion. If you have seen it you know what’s in store. If you have not I envy you.

7pm Tuesday, June 12, 19.                                                                         Reg Hartt: How I came to write GILGAMESH.  

“I did not know Reg Hartt is a poet. GILGAMESH is better than anything by the half dozen people who regularly win prizes for poetry in Canada. Hartt has traveled the hero’s journey.”—John Robert Colombo.

“GILGAMESH made me tingle.”—Al Aronowitz.

“Magical. Very, very powerful.”—John Herbert.

“A page turner.”—Judith Merril.

“He who without the muses madness in his soul attempts to write poetry finds that the poetry he indites in his sober senses is beaten hollow by the poetry of madmen.”—Plato.

9pm Tuesday, June 12, 19.

The complete, uncut film of Adolf Hitler’s 1934 Nuremberg rally.

“Seeing this film with Reg Hartt’s excellent commentary   is like getting an inoculation against mass media manipulation.”—Jane Jacobs.  

“Hartt’s program is educational…Must be seen.”—Bernie Farber.

Wednesday, June 13, 20.                                                           

7pm: Hermann Hesse SIDDHARTHA (1972).

9pm: Herman Hesse STEPPENWOLF (1974) Max Von Sydow.

Without risk there is no life. In these stories Herman Hesse deals with primal forces.  SIDDHARTHA (1922) deals with our desire for enlightenment. STEPPENWOLF (1927) deals with sexual shame and the desire to be better. Ironically, it is the desire to be better, from my experience, that most leads to violence through the frustration it gives birth to. For example, in India, several hundred men sued a guru who told them that if they castrated themselves they would meet God. All too often today men castrate themselves spiritually believing the same lie. Why would God, if God exists, want to meet men so ashamed of themselves they willingly cut off their testicles? The most difficult thing it seems to me is to accept ourselves as we are. Said Blake, “Smooth roads with improvements are easy to travel but the hard roads without improvements are the paths of genius.” This is for those who walk the hard roads. Yeats, “The man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are ones of volition and open new doors.” Remember (or know if you do not) the only people Christ called sinners were priests.

Thursday, June  14, 21.

6pm: REALITY TOUR (2004) 30 years of David Bowie’s music jammed into one incredible, spectacular performance.

9pm: THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH (1976) Nicholas Roeg. All artists, by nature, are outsiders. We are aliens in this world who will never be accepted by it. Often we find ourselves beaten, tortured and murdered. My first grade teacher asked us to draw stick figures. I drew nudes. She said, “Ah, you are an artist.” She encouraged me. Today we’d both be arrested. My second grade teacher asked us to draw stick figures. When she saw my nudes she said, “You have a dirty mind.” She beat me. At 7 I realized a teacher could be wrong. I took the beatings. No artist better personified this essential alienness in his life than did David Bowie which, perhaps, is why his work in this film rings so true. David Bowie was the ultimate outsider, the ultimate alien, the ultimate man who fell to earth. We should be proud to be outside with him. I know I am.—Reg Hartt.


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