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Many thought that with the wreck that was the Mayoralty of  Rob Ford his brother Doug had not a prayer of becoming premier of Ontario.

Clearly, they were wrong.

I’ll add something else they are wrong about.

Should he be picked by the Progressive Conservatives to run for Prime Minister Doug Ford will sweep Justin Trudeau’s Liberals off the map federally just as they have been provincially.


Because the vast majority of people don’t give a damn what we do so long as we answer their call and help them.

That was what swept Rob Ford into office despite the pundits who said he had not a prayer in Hell.

The power of that tsunami was so great its wake swept Doug Ford into the office of Ontario Premier.

Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals as well as the NDP and past Progressive Conservatives never understood that.

Had the elected Liberals made a point of taking care of the ordinary folks who voted them into power a nuclear bomb could not have dislodged them.

They didn’t.

There is a saying, “Mediocre people dream of doing extraordinary things. Extraordinary people do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

That is all there is to it.

Chance gave Doug Ford the highest office in the province.

Answering the call of those who voted for him as well as for those who did not vote him will keep him there and win him the nation.

If he does that he can frolic naked in the streets.

People will love him all the more for it.

Few of us have perfect bodies so there is no need to be ashamed of how we look.

It appears to me from experience that many of those who look perfect outside are the least perfect inside.

If what’s left of the Liberals and the rest of the NDP want a shot at the ring they’d best take care of us little folks if Ford’s folk don’t.

Rob Ford lost a lot of things while he was Mayor. He never lost the love of the people.



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