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Shroud of Turin replica caught in bylaw battle

By  Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

THE SHROUD OF TURIN in a friendly place

One person, after reading the piece in THE CATHOLIC REGISTER, contacted me to see if he could purchase my SHROUD replica so it could be exhibited in someplace more appropriate than where I am displaying it.

He seemed not to know that every place The Shroud is exhibited is appropriate. The most appropriate places of all are where the darkness is greatest. Jesus in the flesh relished the company of those the conventionally “religious” shun. Never once did he say to a whore, “Repent.”

Jesus, himself, came from the most despised of the despised, the am ha’aretz (people of the land). Being from Galilee, the farthest edge of the state made him even more contemptible in the eyes of those who see themselves as fine.


He did say “Repent” and say it a lot to Priests, Pharisees and Scribes. The Jewish state being a theocracy those were the politicians.

There are a lot of people like man who thinks where I am displaying the Shroud is in bad taste. Said Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, “It is good taste not bad taste which is the enemy.” I’m with them.

From Shroud Scholar Ian Wilson’s book THE EVIDENCE FOR JESUS I learned what a Galilean accent was. If you recall, Peter, the third time he denied Jesus, was told, “Yes, you are from Galilee. I recognize you by your accent.”

Galilean’s dropped their aitches. How many people learned and unlearned would accept a peasant from the land, a dirt poor carpenter built like a lumberjack who dropped his aitches as he spoke (like a Cockney) as the begotten Son Of God?

Not very many, truth be told and if an even harder truth be told I probably would have a hard time accepting the historical am ha’aretz that many rejected myself.

It seems GOD chooses those we all too eagerly turn our backs on.

I have learned a great deal since I obtained my Shroud Replica from Barrie Schwartz. It is the most important artifact in my archive.

If my home is inappropriate for you to come then God help you.

Luckily, I believe, for most it isn’t.

–Reg Hartt







A negative picture of THE SHROUD OF TURIN gives us a positive picture of the man whose body is imprinted on it.

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