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“Jesus of Nazareth told us to say these twelve words when we prayed: ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.’
… And for those words alone, he deserves to be called ;the Prince of Peace.”–Kurt Vonnegut.

Kurt Vonnegut was an atheist.

There is a song that goes, “God forgives. I don’t.”

God does not forgive unless we do.

Those twelve words are not only the antidote, the only antidote, to the poison of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” in The Hammurabi Code and The Old Testament Laws.

“Do good to those who do evil to you?”

Those are the least practiced words of Jesus and at the same time, the most powerful.

It is only when we have been really, truly wronged, when our heart cries out of justice, revenge, ANYTHING, that we, at least I, realize how enormously impossible to put into action those words are.

Yet, if we don’t forgive we become what we can’t forgive.

We are more than we dream.

My cat Zorro was a mess when he came here last year after the death of my beautiful cat, Berlin.

Zorro looks a lot like Berlin but bigger.

He bit and clawed ferociously. He was not happy.

My hand puffed up after he first bit me.

I went to my doctor. He gave me medication.

The third time Zorro bit me I said to him, “You know, it’s okay.”

The look of perplexity on his face when I did not lash back at him is one I will never forget.

Whatever wound Zorro suffered was healed in that moment.

Now he sits in a chair close to me as much as possible. If I lie down he comes up and lies down with me. Sometimes he strokes me the way we often stroke cats.

Forgiveness starts when we forgive.

It does not start until we forgive.

When I was forced to admit I could not forgive I asked in prayer for the gift of forgiveness.

After I had done that I saw every small mean spirited thing I had ever done to another both consciously and unconsciously.

Forgiveness came easy after that.

It seems to me it is easier to heal a cat than it is to heal a person.

In Place Of A Curse


John Ciardi


At the next vacancy for God, if I am elected,

I shall forgive last the delicately wounded

who, having been slugged no harder than anyone else,

never got up again, neither to fight back,

nor to finger their jaws in painful admiration.


They who are wholly broken, and they in whom

mercy is understanding, I shall embrace at once

and lead to pillows in heaven. But they who are

the meek by trade, baiting the best of their betters

with the extortions of a mock-helplessness


I shall take last to love, and never wholly.

Let them all into Heaven—I abolish Hell—

but let it be read over them as they enter:

“Beware the calculations of the meek, who gambled nothing,

gave nothing, and could never receive enough.”




I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself.

The small bird will drop dead from the bough of a tree without ever once having felt sorry for itself.

–D. H. Lawrence

D. H. Lawrence starved to death at 48. His best books could not be published while he was alive, They were viewed as blasphemous pornography.

In a world that trumpets every slight his light shows the way

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Melania Trump wears a jacket with “I really don’t care. Do you?” on it. At least she is honest. I don’t care if she does not care. We can’t ask people to be big when they are small.


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