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Here are just a few of the homeless people I have invited to live with me. Why? Because like them I have found myself without a home.

  1. Bruce Simpson. A fellow living with me in the 1980s said, “My friend Bruce is homeless. Can you let him live here?” Bruce went on to develop a very successful career:
  2. Bob Nasmith. Bobby and I go way back to Rochdale College and the 1960s. One day we met while I was posting flyers for my programs. Bobby walked with me. During the course of that walk I learned he was homeless. I said, “I have a room.” Bobby said, “I have no money.” I said, “I know that.” Bobby was able to get his feet on the ground. Recently he starred in a production of Becket’s KRAPP’S LAST TAPE.
  3. Alexandre Hamel was touring with Walt Disney On Ice. After a successful career as a figure skater he thought all he could do was shows like DISNEY ON ICE, LAS VEGAS ON ICE. He came to my door in 2004. He asked if he could live here when the tour ended. While living here he realized he could do what I have done: create his own work. Alex’s figure skating company LE PATIN LIBRE was born here: . Hear about that from Alex himself. In the summer of 2017 LE PATIN LIBRE headlined LUMINATO.
  4. Chris Colledge. Chris arrived at my door to visit a friend. “I’m homeless,” he said. “Not anymore,” I replied.
  5. Brandon Comrie. Brandon was panhandling at the Wellesley Subway station. I met him by chance while posting flyers. “Spare change?” he asked. I replied, “No, but I have a room.” When I got home he called. He said, “Everyone says good things about you. I want that room.” He got it.
  6. Bede Mcmenamin. Bede was 18 when I met him. He had just arrived from Australia. On the plane he had read Herman Hesse’s SIDDHARTHA. He thought, “Someone should make a movie from this book.” Arriving in Toronto he saw my street posters for screenings of the film SIDDHARTHA. We became friends. One winter Bede arrived at my door looking exhausted. He clearly needed a place to rest. He had come to where he knew he would find one. Today he tells me, “You are my father. I was born at The Cineforum.”
  7. Peter Sumadh/The Mad Dalton. Peter arrived at my door to see Jean Cocteau’s THE BLOOD OF A POET. We talked. Peter asked if he could live here. Last year Peter was invited to Charlesville, France. He stayed in the house poet Arthur Rimbaud grew up in. He slept in the bed Arthur Rimbaud slept in. I am extremely proud of him:
  8. Petunia arrived at my door. He lived here. His life changed for the better. Hear him talking about it:
  9. Jack Troughton: Jack had been part of OCCUPY TORONTO. I had just bought my first video cameras. They were 3D cameras. I filmed OCCUPY TORONTO in 3D. When I presented the footage as part of my program Jack arrived at my door. We talked. I learned Jack was homeless. Jack learned he had a home. He’s been here several years now.
  10. Dylan asked if he could live here. Shortly after he arrived his father died. Dylan descended into the Hell grief plunges us into. Recently Dylan asked me to adopt him. I’m working on it.

Daniel Goggin. Daniel had come by to visit friends. One day he arrived at my door looking distraught. I asked what the problem was. He said, “The people I live with told me they can’t live with me.” I said, “I have room for you.” After a few months I said to Daniel, “Do me a favour. Say ‘Thank you’ to those people who could not live with you.” Daniel smiled. After a while Daniel moved. Then he found himself homeless. Like myself Daniel has been smeared with street posters. He made the mistake of working as a bike mechanic for the man who has been smearing me. Read about that here: Toronto alternative-theatre founder stands up to bullying threats . Daniel just found out the person who has been smearing us is offering money to have him killed. Hear Daniel here: . Daniel is living with me as my guest. He is here for his and my protection.

  1. Andre Skinner. Andre came to see my SURREALIST FILM FEST. He wound up moving in. Like Dylan, shortly after he came here his father died. Andre found himself in the right place. Andre is a musician. He’s a damned fine one. Hear him here: I filmed many of his shows:
  2. Nima Hoda. Nima came to my talk on ROCHDALE COLLEGE. He liked what he found here. He became one of the most vitally important people to enter my life.
  3. Daniel Diggins. Dan is a young sound engineer. He came for my cartoon fest. He offered ideas on how to improve the sound for my programs. Something already good got better. Then I learned the people where he was living were trying to terrorize him. I moved him in until he got a new place.
  4. Yusuke Hasegawa . “Can you give my friend a room?” Yusuke Hoshi asked me one day while I was out posting flyers. What a joy he was to live with.,
  5. Yusuke Hoshi. “ I need a place. Can you help me?” Yusuke Hoshi asked me on facebook last year. “Come on over,” I replied.
  6. Daniel Ramponi. “My friend killed himself. The police won’t let me live where I was. I’m in a shelter. Can you help me?” Daniel messaged me on facebook. This year John Sophocleous of Metro Licensing and Standards informed me only three unrelated people may live in my house under city zooming bylaws. Daniel is back living in a shelter. While here he got his life in order. Now his life is out of order.
  7. Karl Bustamante. Karl came to my SURREALIST PROGRAM. Then he decided he wanted to live here. “Wow!” What a gift he is!
  8. Robert Beaudoin came to see a movie. He came back to live with me. Again, what a gift he is!
  9. Ilya Bazorov came to see METROPOLIS. He never lived here officially but was here so much he practically lived here. Again, what a gift!
  10. Donnarama Versace. Donnarama is one of Toronto’s most gifted drag queens. As can be imagined it is hard for people like Donnarama to live where they feel safe. Donnarama was safe here. Now, thanks to MLS Toronto Donnarama is no longer here: His/her absence is felt.
  11. Stedmond Pardy came to see my SURREALIST FILM FEST. The intro I gave to it made him decide this was the place he wanted to be. Stedmond has developed into a first rate poet. Now he is, thanks to MLS Toronto, no longer in the place where his gift was born:
  12. Wiz walked by one day, walked back to read my steps. We talked. I found out he is a poet. I invited him to do programs here. Hear him here: . WizTheMC is back in Toronto but now thanks to John Sophocleous and MLS Toronto he can’t stay here. He is doing shows here. His first one is tonight. Drop by. You will enjoy meeting him as much as I have. .
  13. Aditya Shankar. Adi came for my cartoon fest. After he came to live here. Adi fought the battle against homophobic hate in India from this house:
  14.  Rene Highway. “I’d like to live with you,” said Rene Highway. For wonderful years he did. Through him I came in contact with and learned much from our aboriginal community. Rene left us in 1990. He lives in my heart. I love him with a deep and abiding love. Through him I got to know his wonderful brother Thompson and the brilliant Micah Barnes.


There have been more, lots more such as Mike Bartolo, Jeff, Richard Karadza, Dante Abug, Trevor, animation artist John Kricfalusi and others including James Gillis, the man determined to destroy it: . These are just a few.

Just before Christmas a street person I had helped told me, “I was offered $30 a week to tear down your flyers, $100 to break your legs and $1,000.00 to kill you. The thing is, if I have been offered this others have.” His name is David Peter Allen. David likes living on the street. For a time he pitched his tent in my back yard. With an address he was able to get money owed to him from the army.


Henry David Thoreau said, “Any fool can make a law. Every fool will keep it.”


John Sophocleous ( gets a cheque every week from the city. He seems not to care that there was a place on this city where people who found themselves homeless found a home.


It is time he and his superiors, our councilors and our mayor did care.


I fought the city to get the right to invite strangers into my home for my film and lecture programs. Helping those who find themselves in distress is much more important than is being able to show shadows on a screen.


It has been said more than once that I am everything Jane Jacobs wrote about. Her children tell me, “Our mother loved you.”


What most people do not realize who read Jane Jacobs’ book THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES is that Jane was dirt poor when she wrote that book. In it she writes, “There is a quality even meaner than outright ugliness or disorder, and this meaner quality is the dishonest mask of pretended order, achieved by ignoring or suppressing the real order that is struggling to exist and to be served.”


John Sophocleous and MLS embody that meanness.


Were Jane Jacobs with us today she would be standing at my front door saying to our city officials, “Shame!”

There doesn’t seem to be much creativity at the top. It seems to me that Toronto has a split personality, a civic schizophrenia. On one level there is the spirit of individuals and small groups who do things…what you might call the vernacular spirit. This is all very informal, ingenious, quite romantic and full of fun, a great deal of fun. It seems to me that the official spirit of Toronto is stamp out fun. It’s pompous, impressed with mediocrity if its very, very big and expensive,”–Jane Jacobs–hXw8 .


Often people who call themselves Christians tell me that unless I repent I’m going to burn in Hell. Here’s what Jesus in THE FINAL JUDGEMENT has to say:, “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ 44 Then they also will answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?’ 45 Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me.’”


St. Francis said, “Preach Christ constantly (use words if you must).” I’ve been preaching Christ without words for over fifty years. Now I find I must use words.


Like myself Daniel Goggin has someone offering money to have him killed. I want him here for his security and for my own.


John Sophocleous and his superiors are determined to get him out of here. He wrote to my landlord’s agent: “I was advised that even if you rented to 2 other people and one of them had a child, then that would be considered 4 people and a rooming house.”

Lives have been saved because I brought them into my home.

Now lives may be lost because I can’t keep them here.


This is disgusting. I launched a gofundme campaign to help get this place up to par. So far not one dime has been given.


I am myself proud to be numbered among the least.


My councilor Joe Cressy when running for office dropped by. Joe said, “I have seen those posters attacking you. Why aren’t the police doing something.” I replied, “The police are doing what they can. When you get into office you do something.”


Joe’s office has done nothing. I expect nothing from Joe.


I don’t expect anything from anyone other than myself.

I have helped the helpless. Now I am told the laws of this city say I cannot and must not. Jane Jacobs was right. There is a high level of mediocrity at the top.


I want a Jane Jacobs Toronto. Help me build it. –Reg Hartt 7/6/2018.

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