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One morning a few years ago a friend of mine woke up to see the city wall papered with street flyers meant to bring violence upon him.

Those posters gave his address at the bottom.

The same person has been smearing myself for almost twenty years.

I have a much higher profile. A writer for THE GLOBE AND MAIL called. He wanted to do a story. I said, “Only if you include the others this man has attacked.” He said,”I will.”

He did. You can read his story here:

Toronto alternative-theatre founder stands up to bullying threats

My current councilor Joe Cressy said, “I have seen those posters (attacking you). They are hate. Why aren’t the police doing something?”

John-Paul Re (who worked for him briefly) on the man behind the hate:  . .

I said, “When you get into office YOU do something.”

Joe has done nothing.

My friend’s name is Daniel Goggin:     .

Daniel has been informed there is an open contract on his life:   .

Daniel lives with me.

Metro Licensing & Standards tells me that City Of Toronto Bylaws allow only three unrelated people (including myself) to be tenants in this house.

Tenants in Ontario are allowed to have as many guests as they wish:           .

Daniel is my guest.

As a result of the poison that has been spread about him there is only one place in this city where Daniel is safe. That one place is here.

I know most of the people reading this won’t do anything. Albert Einstein discovered that when he spoke up. Martin Luther King, Jr. discovered it. I have written often enough in the past about it that it seems almost a waste of time to do it again but, once more into the fray. As Alexander Dumas said, “A man who sees himself defeated before he begins to fight has enlisted in the ranks of his enemy.”

The number one tactic in Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR is to make our opponent feel defeated. Governments everywhere seek to make us feel defeated before the fight.

My landlord’s agent has enlisted in the ranks of the enemy. He wrote, “Remember. If the city moves forward there will be legal costs and you most probably lose

“Landlord and tenant act may not limit the occupancy number but the city can limit who may be part of this just as they can limit the number occupants in a specific square footage
“If you fight then unfortunately we will have to be on the City’s side. So let us follow their rules.”
Jane Jacobs fought rules like this all her life. My landlord’s agent can’t fight them once. Does he know a life is at stake? Yes, and he is turning a blind eye.
So there I have it.
Our new chief planner has made it clear he turns his back on the ideas of Jane Jacobs. At least he’s not a hypocrite.
Jane taught me that when we turn our back on one we turn our back on everyone.
Her last book was titled DARK AGE AHEAD. That title gets more apt every second.
So here I am once again shouting out to the great ocean of the apathetic.
Well, as THE LORD said to those who spoke out long ago, “If these people refuse to listen I will punish them. If YOU refuse to speak I will kill you.”
Jane Jacobs was, as far as I know, an atheist. She did not speak out because she feared GOD would kill her. She said, “I speak out because I know that if I do not I will be killing myself.”
Long ago Lao Tse wrote that out of every one thousand people born only one is truly alive and that out of every one hundred thousand only one finds the path of life.
I am under no illusions here. I know the walking dead outnumber the living. It is not the dead I am speaking to.
The City Of Toronto would deny all of us the right to have guests in our homes.
It is not my rights I am speaking up for. It for our rights.
A young Russian said to me, “In my country we had an iron curtain and we knew it. In this country you have an iron curtain and don’t know it.”
I said, “You are right but a few of us do know it.”
Help me keep my friend Daniel Goggin from being murdered.
–Reg Hartt 7/28/2018.
Look at this. Then ask yourself what kind of person posts this crap. Then ask yourself what kind of person sees this crap, walks by and does nothing. Then do something.

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