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I obtained my authorized replica of The Shroud Of Turin from Barrie Schwortz. Raised as an Othodox Jew Barrie became an agnostic at 13. His work on the Shroud changed that. Does that mean Barrie has become a Jew for Jesus or a Christian? No. Nor should he.

Barrie Schwortz, from whom I obtained my authorized replica of The Shroud Of Turin, was raised as an orthodox Jew. At 13 he became an agnostic after witnessing hypocrisy (have not we all?).

When asked to accompany the team of scientists most of whom with the exception of three were not Christians to Turin to scientifically study the Shroud Barrie said, “Why me? I’m a Jew?” The man who had invited said, “So am I. Think of the science.”

Barrie did. That’s a good thing for us. It took Barrie 19 years to decide for himself the man on the Shroud is Jesus. Does that mean Barrie has become a Christian? No, it does not.

This causes grief to many who think themselves Christians. It does not cause grief to me. As someone who has read and studied THE NEW TESTAMENT I can say with authority that much of what people who call themselves Christians think is wrong, dead wrong.

Am I saying Jesus did not rise from the dead? No. He did. The Shroud documents the moment just before that happened.

Avinoam Danin did not become a Jew for Jesus nor a Christian as a result of his work with The Shroud Of Turin nor should he have. Much of what Christians believe is wrong.

Avinoam Danin, Professor Emeritus of Botany at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, identified flowers and pollen found on the Shroud of Turin as having come from the area around Jerusalem. His work on the Shroud convinced him that the image on the Shroud is that of Jesus of Nazareth. Does this meant he became a Jew for Jesus or a Christian? No. Nor should he have.

Ian Wilson is one of the best and most prolific writers on The Shroud Of Turin. From his book THE EVIDENCE FOR JESUS I learned that Jesus dropped his aitches when he spoke. How do we know this? Jesus came from Galilee. Galileans dropped their aitches (like English Cockneys). Jesus was dirt poor. Many who profess to love him would not give the historical Jesus five seconds of their time (especially academics).

Ian Wilson is one of the best writers on The Shroud of Turin.












5pm Sunday, Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28.

The Fabric Of Time (2207) 120 minutes with bonus material.

5pm Monday, Oct. 8, 15, 22, 29.

Jesus and The Shroud Of Turin (52 minutes)

Plus The Holy Winding Sheet (60 minutes)

5pm Tuesday, Oct. 9, 16, 23, 30.

Barrie Schwortz: 35 Years Of Shroud Science

5pm Wednesday, Oct. 10, 17, 24, 31.

Gilbert R. Lavoie M.D. Unlocking The Secrets Of The Shroud (31:50 minutes)

Plus How Jesus Died (35 minutes)

And Ray Rogers In His Own Words (2004)

On Thursday evening, September 8, 2005, at the 3rd International Dallas Shroud Conference, I premiered a 30 minute video program titled, “Ray Rogers In His Own Words.” The program is edited from more than 5½ hours of on-camera interviews I conducted in May 2004 with the late Ray Rogers at his home in Los Alamos, New Mexico. In the program, Ray reviews the details of his January 2005 Thermochimica Acta paper that proved the 1988 c14 dating of the Shroud used an anomalous sample. He also shares the fascinating story of what inspired him to complete the research that sadly became his final work on the Shroud. I have also incorporated many of Ray’s photomicrographs into the program, so viewers will see the exact images he referred to during the interview. Ray also discusses the 2002 restoration of the Shroud, the future of Shroud research and makes several important recommendations that he considered critical for any future study of the cloth. He concludes with a revealing, personal assessment of what he believed about the Shroud of Turin. Considering that Ray Rogers never gave an on-camera interview in the past, this program provides a truly rare opportunity to see and hear one of the most important Shroud researchers of the past 30 years “in his own words.”

5pm Thursday, Oct. 11, 18, 25, Nov. 1.

David Rolfe’s The Silent Witness (1978) Winner British Academy Award.


5pm Friday, October 12, 19, 26, November 2.

David Rolfe’s The Shroud Of Turin (2008) BBC.


5pm Saturday, Oct. 13, 20, 27, Nov. 3.

The Case For Christ’s Resurrection (2007)


You are welcome to dismiss these documentary films but when I consider the unique 3D properties of The Shroud I want to learn as much as I can.
We have no other historical, religious or scientific document like it. If your faith or lack of faith keeps you from coming your faith or lack of faith is a stumbling block.
Many, myself included, are turned off by conventional Christians. You won’t find conventional Christians here. They are certain I am going to be in Hell. I know that if I was stuck with them for eternity I would be in Hell.
Dabblers and dilettantes will pick one film out of this program. It is not designed for them. I have created it for those who, like myself, want to learn as much as possible not about this alone but about everything.
The man on the Shroud stood five foot eleven inches. He was built like a lumberjack. He was strong as an ox. He was dirt poor. He was am ha’aretz (  ) the most despised class in Jewish society. Being from as Thomas Cahill writes it in his excellent DESIRE OF THE EVERLASTING HILLS, “from buttfuck Galilee,” Jesus dropped his aitches when he spoke.
Many who say they have Jesus in their heart would not give the historical Jesus five seconds.
In the films in this exhaustive program some of the finest scientific minds of our time talk about what their study of the Shroud has revealed to them.
I have learned much from them. What of myself? Have I become a Christian? No, I have not. Jesus calls us to be something much harder. He calls us to become our selves. That is the most difficult thing of all. What is our self? Our self is a book being written. –Reg Hartt

The discovery that a photograph of THE SHROUD OF TURIN contained 3D information when it should not have propelled a team of around thirty American scientists, only three of whom were Christians, to go to Italy in 1978 with several tons of equipment to learn as much as they could about the Shroud. They are still learning. So am I. To see this image in 3D get a pair of red and blue glasses.

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