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Martin Heath is a generous man I have known since our days in Rochdale College in the 1970s.

Like all of us he can be a bit dense (I certainly have had my share of dense moments).

Push comes to shove his heart is in the right place which is what matters.

When TIFF worked with film Martin was the unacknowledged backbone of that festival. His CINECYCLE is one of the city’s treasures.

He is able to screen 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm and digital. He takes supreme care of the films he works with.

Martin is also perhaps the best bicycle repair wo/man in this city.

He’s a resource to be valued.

He’s one of a kind.

Years ago when I found myself homeless after the suicide of a younger brother Martin gave me a place to park my carcass. People I had helped through their grief turned their back on me through mine. Martin didn’t.

It’s all too easy to gang up on a person when red flags are raised. Restraint comes a lot harder and is much more important.

Down the road we all have to return to the no thing from which we have emerged. Two hundred years ago we did not exist. In two hundred years most of us won’t even be a memory. Too few of us make the seconds we have in eternity count. How do I do that? Well, for one thing I prefer honest hate to dishonest love.

People have reasons for how they feel.

Those reasons are almost always wrong.

Patience, understanding and love can untangle the knot of those reasons.

As I write this I have a cat sitting by me. When he came in here last year he was angry and hurt. He bit me three times. My hand puffed up. I had to get medication. The third time he bit I said to him, “You know, it’s okay.” That seemed to trigger a reset switch. He’s found a home where he is happy.

I have found it is easier to heal a damaged cat or a dog than it is to heal a human being.

Does Martin need healing? No. As I said, his heart is and always has been in the right place.

The web however is home to a lynch mob pack mentality. The mob and the pack does not have a heart. If anything it is the heartlessness with which it pursues its goal that defines it.Like sharks the mob goes into a frenzy when it senses blood.

Martin Heath and The Cinecycle won’t always be with us. There will be a huge hole when they are gone.

Value them while they are here to appreciate it.–Reg Hartt 10/19/2018.

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