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Things Most People Do Not Know About Jesus And Christianity (Including most Christians) Part One.

There are a lot of things people believe about Jesus and Christianity which are not true.

The thing is, as always, knowledge is much more interesting than the belief.

How did the beliefs develop? They developed because until recently people had extremely limited access to information. They presented as fact what they believed to be true or what they thought most made sense.

Of course, the worst propagator of distortion has been the movies followed closely by radio and television.

A good example to start with is the saying, “The path of life is strait and narrow and few there be that find it.”

Most folks hear that word “strait” as “straight.”

Thus the saying, “Walk the straight and narrow.”

There is a big difference in meaning between the two words.

Knowing that difference is a good place to start.

A straight line is a line without curves.  One of the definitions of strait is a narrow body of water between two land masses which twists and turns which can only be navigated by one ship at a time with great care and caution.

When we find ourselves walking the strait and narrow we find ourselves walking an enormously difficult path that demands every moment of our attention. On that path we walk alone.

One day I met an older minister from whom I had learned much. He said to me, “I don’t know why my life is so hard.”

In that moment I realized that while he knew much he lacked understanding.

The definition of walking the straight and narrow according to Webster’s Dictionary, is walking the way of propriety and rectitude.

Today it is improper for an older man to marry a woman under 18.

How old was Mary at the time she gave birth to Jesus?

The movies and TV shows I have seen show her as a woman in her twenties. Many show Joseph as around the same age.

We know from The New Testament that Joseph was considerably her senior so right away that is false.

The first time I looked into this was when a Jewish man told me Mary was an almah.

I looked the word up on the web. Almah is a specific term. The definition I found was that it is a young woman between 11 and 12 at that moment in her life when she can first decide what happens to her. Then I did a web search to find what the general consensus is about the age of Mary at the time she gave birth to Jesus.

Most feel Mary was between 12 to 14 with propriety leaning toward 14.

I will be improper and say she was 11 when  Jesus was conceived in her and  nine months past eleven when Jesus was born.

Part (a big part) of the reason I accept this age is because it came entirely from a Jewish writer instead of a Christian one. His goal was to dispel the conventional Christian understanding of Mary. That is a worthy one.

Regardless of whether she was 11, 12, 13 or 14 in our world today the father of her child would be arrested and imprisoned. Since the record tells us the father of Jesus was the Holy Spirit the authorities would have a hard time finding him.

Jesus chose the form of his death. It was the most hideous form of death the human species has dreamed up. He chose to be hung between two criminals. Conventional portraits done with propriety in mind show Jesus wearing a loin cloth on the cross. In actual fact not only would he have been naked he would also have had an erection because the very act of crucifixion (designed deliberately to be the most utterly humiliating form of punishment) forced a man to have an erection.

What we have here is a man who deliberately chose to be numbered among those the world most despised.

That gives me a key to understand Christianity that seems to have eluded most.

My reason for saying Mary was eleven when Jesus conceived in her and 11 plus nine months when he was born comes about because that was the definition I found of an Almah, a young woman between 11 and 12 at that moment in her life WHEN SHE CAN FIRST DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS TO HER.

It is that statement that leads me to choose 11 as her age. God does not waste time. He picks the moment that is by all definitions precisely the right moment. The moment when Mary could first decide what happens to her would be and is that precisely right moment.

If it is the one most offensive to human propriety and understanding (especially today) is not my concern.

Jesus taught that God’s way is not our way.

It most certainly isn’t.

Regardless of whether Mary was 11, 12 or 14 one thing is clear, the images we shall see of her over this upcoming holiday season are for the most part false.

The best of the many books I have read on this subject is Brant Pitre’s THE CASE FOR JESUS .

While I have always had an interest in this subject that interest moved into high gear when I purchased an authorized replica of the Shroud Of Turin from Barrie Schwortz. After receiving it I then bought all the books and videos I have been able to find.

The Shroud Of Turin is as far as I am concerned as important in its testimony as are The Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, the epistles and letters and the Book of Revelation.

The man on the Shroud of Turin stood five foot eleven. That man is clearly built like a lumberjack. He was as strong as an ox. As a dirt poor carpenter in Galilee he would have to be. Galileans, according to Shroud Scholar Ian Wilson in his book, THE EVIDENCE FOR JESUS, dropped their aitches.

There are few then and now who would accept this man, no matter how much they claim to have Jesus in their heart, as The Christ.

He is.

–Reg Hartt 11/24/2018.

According to Ian Wilson Jesus dropped his aitches.

How old was Mary:,_mother_of_Jesus




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