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After then Mayor Rob Ford supported Reg Hartt these posters put up by James Gillis (of Campus Postering, Dr. Jamie’s Events Postering. Dr. Jamie’s Bikes) began appearing on city streets.

One day around 2008 while bicycling around the city posting flyers for my programs I spotted this flyer on telephone poles and elsewhere:


This appeared on the web in June, 2010:

In December 2010, again while bicycling around Toronto posting flyers for my programs I saw posters everywhere (Bloor Street, Yonge Street, Queen Street, Kensington Market, Bathurst Street, Spadina, everywhere denouncing Terry Ross as a police informant. I made a video and posted it:  .

Then I contacted every city official, journalist, media person, the police…everyone I could think of.

Terry handed out flyers on Queen Street in Toronto for various businesses. He was a street person and a recovering addict. He had asked if he could post flyers for me. I gave him some. Then James Gillis (of Dr. Jamie’s Events Promotion, Campus Postering, Dr. Jamie’s Bike Clinic) offered Terry more money not only to post flyers for him but also to tear down my flyers. Terry had done everything to make me turn his back on him but I could not. These posters were designed to get him murdered.

I was astonished by the refusal of others to help. I kept calling people. Finally one woman in then Mayor David Miller’s office contacted me. She said, “This is awful. I will do what I can to stop it.” Because I spoke and one person listened the posters stopped. Terry said, “You saved my life.”

In 2011 numerous complaints were sent to the city by James Gillis in a sustained effort to shut down my screenings. For a moment he succeeded. Then Tom Beyer of then Mayor Robert Ford’s office stepped in. MLS (Metro Licensing & Standards) reviewed the situation here. They decided my programs are within the city’s bylaws. I was able to resume. Lawrence Solomon wrote about this in THE NATIONAL POST:     .

Lawrence Solomon: Jane Jacobs rules as Ford strikes a blow for film freedom

February 16, 2011
8:22 AM EST

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford recently came to the rescue of Reg Hartt, an individual who had run afoul of the law. Hartt’s violation? As explained by city authorities, he was illicitly running “a place of assembly.” Hartt’s actual crime? He is a non-conformist in a city that makes just about all commercial activities illegal, including those in the home, unless some city bureaucrat says otherwise.

Hartt has been a credit to Toronto for decades. His Cineforum, which screens noteworthy films for small study groups in his living room, has long won acclaim from critics in Canada and abroad and endorsements from Canadian icons such as author Pierre Berton and urban guru Jane Jacobs.  Lonely Planet lists 463 Bathurst St, his modest abode on a major Toronto thoroughfare, as among the top 30 sights to see in Toronto and in the top 30 of sights to see in Ontario. That’s quite a credit to the city. Yet although neighbours don’t complain, the city’s Municipal Licensing and Standards department periodically shuts him down.

In 2012, posters appeared on the city’s streets smearing both myself and another ex-employee of James Gillis, Daniel Goggin.

All of the people I contacted said, “There is nothing we can do.” The few who did write about it ignored the past history. They described what was happening as a feud over poster space. It wasn’t. What it was and what it continues to be is an effort to get myself and others murdered.

Out of the blue a stranger called. He said, “My name is Oliver Moore. I’m new to Toronto. I write for THE GLOBE AND MAIL. I have seen all those posters smearing you. I looked you up. This is awful. I’d like to do a story on it.”

I said, “The press is a two edged sword.”

He said, “Trust me.”

I said, “Only if you include the others attacked by this man.”

He did. His story can be read here:   .

Reg Hartt, who runs The Cineforum, is photographed with his cat Berlin at his home in Toronto on Feb. 24, 2012.

Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail/Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

The founder of a landmark alternative theatre in downtown Toronto is refusing to back down in the face of a poster-bullying campaign that seems designed to bring violence upon him and his associates.

Reg Hartt, who runs the Cineforum out of his Bathurst Street home, had decided earlier this week that it was too risky to stay open. Patrons keen to see Salò on Tuesday night were sent home disappointed and he said he planned to lie low for a while and then start angling for a new venue.

But by Friday he was determined to stand firm. He will screen a Jane Jacobs picture and a psychiatric hospital documentary tonight and is “rebooting” his film schedule. Among the movies he plans to show is the gay pornographic classic Boys in the Sand – the very picture an anonymous detractor cited on a downtown poster that was part of an attempt to smear Mr. Hartt.

“If he can do it to me he can do it to anyone,” he said during an interview in a tiny screening room decorated with old movie posters and paraphernalia.

“The only way I can deal with this is stand up and say, ‘here I am.’ If someone wants to let their emotions run rampant, if something happens, I’ll deal with it.”

His theatre and arts centre typically includes a rotating cast of house guests and creative types. It is known for its screenings of unusual movies, including uncensored animated films, as well as extemporaneous lectures from the founder.

The 22-year-old Cineforum almost fell victim to the latest salvoes in a barrage of vitriol on posters throughout the downtown, including attacks against Mr. Hartt, which come close to calling him a pedophile.

The poster campaigns range from overt incitements to violence – in one case offering $500 “to brutally break” the legs of a particular person – to more indirect threats. One person was labelled a police informant, alongside his photo. Another was accused of videotaping drug dealers, on a poster that said where he lived. One poster mimics others put up by Mr. Hartt, but adds a racial epithet. He believes it was designed to provoke attacks upon him.

One of the people targeted said that he was put in danger by the posters.

“I’m actually kind of scared,” said the man, who did not want to be named. “You got a lot of crack heads. They get all freaked out on that stuff and you never know what they’re going to do. I got to watch my back every day.”

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The targets of some of these posters insist they know who is responsible, pointing to a local figure with whom they have soured business relationships. The person they accuse did not respond to several requests for comment.

In Mr. Hartt’s case, the attacks were a careful mixture of implication and accusation. Recently put up in various locations, including near schools, were a trio of posters headlined “ATTENTION PARENTS.”

The first poster mentions recent local child porn arrests. The second claims that Mr. Hartt has possessed and displayed material of “children in sexual situations” and says he watches local school kids walking home. That poster includes the bold-type phrase “BOYS BEWARE.” The third poster encourages people to contact politicians to shut down the theatre and asks those with “stories about Reg” to e-mail them. But the account is not active and the wording of the e-mail address is itself a smear.

Mr. Hartt acknowledges the danger he is in, noting that pedophilia is society’s great taboo, but said he is more worried about the posters that describe the videotaping of drug dealers. The man accused of that lives in the neighbourhood, putting the many people who drift through Cineforum at risk if retribution occurs.

“He was sending people to take us out,” Mr. Hartt said of whoever is putting up the posters.

He said he sees little relief in going to the police or taking a legal route, noting that the person he believes responsible has no money and would probably ignore a cease-and-desist order. And having thought about it through the week, he decided the venue was too important to shut down.

“This place is a combination of the academy of Athens, the factory of Andy Warhol, the salon of Gertrude Stein and the original Paris cinémathèque of Henri Langlois,” he said. “This place means a lot to a lot of people, even if it means nothing to most of Toronto.”

Follow Oliver Moore on Twitter @moore_oliver

This time City Councillor Adam Vaughan acted.

As a result of this action Vaughan now saw himself being smeared on the city’s streets.

Poster smearing Adam Vaughan and Reg Hartt. Thousands of these were posted around the riding in which Adam Vaughan for Federal Office.

Daniel did two interviews for the web. The first was in 2012:  .

The second was last year when Daniel found out there is an open contract to get him killed:   .

Daniel Goggin is one of the city’s best bicycle mechanics. He worked briefly for James Gillis. Daniel is also a bike courier in extremely good standing with the bike courier community. It was made clear to Gillis that if the attacks on Daniel continued he would regret it. The attacks on Daniel stopped. In 2017 Daniel discovered that someone (guess who) is offering money to have him killed.

That same year Joe Cressy ran for Federal Office against Adam Vaughan. After he failed he ran for City Councilor. I endorsed him. Joe walked into The Cineforum with his brother. Jack Troughton was here. Joe said, “I have seen those posters smearing you. They are hate. Why aren’t the police doing something about it?”

I said, “The police are doing what they can. When you get into office you do something. Not for me. For everyone.”

Joe got in. From Joe’s office comes silence.

One of Gillis former employees, Robert Meade, got in touch with Reg Hartt. He sent an email. It stated:

“I can’t believe Jamie has done that stuff to you. Terry I can believe, he really hated him. I remember that when I was first working with Jamie he was fucking this fourteen year old girl who was addicted to crack! What an asshole. I thought that he would have self-destructed by now, but he is a stubborn bastard. So yes, I can write a letter for you if you wish… not sure if that would help anything…You could think about suing him, maybe there is someone out there who might help you, it’s libel and it destroys your livelihood for him to have a public campaign like that. I mean there is a reason people don’t put up posters like that. But is there a point? I doubt he is actually hurting you that much and I’m sure there’s always been people who hated you.He just gave the girl money, and she was clearly an addict. He bragged to me about how many times he fucked her and how old she was. Terry might remember that too. In any case morally I think that’s a lot more questionable than anything Reg Hartt or Rob Meade has done. You can go ahead and put up a poster if you like, and give my name to whoever.  If you give my name to someone as a character reference, or you ever need to call me, then my number is         .

Terry Ross confirmed what Rob wrote. Terry added that the girl was the niece of a police officer in 14 Division. Others who worked for Gillis confirmed its truth. One of those others is John-Paul Re:  .

I was contacted by Detective Darryl Linquist with Sex Crimes, Toronto, Police regarding this:  .

One day I got a phone call from The Toronto Police. James Gillis had filed a complaint with them that stated I was offering money to have him killed. Luckily, a chance copy of the complaint had been found  on the street. It had been passed on to me. I knew what was in it. Astonishingly I learned that Detective Linquist had closed the case with the girl. No evidence. No zeal.

There has been, however, no lack of zeal on the part of city authorities and others in their efforts to go after Hartt.

The City of Toronto’s Street Posters Bylaw is well thought out and eminently fair. It is designed to make as much room as possible for everyone. Posters can be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches. Only poster per item/event is allowed per poster kiosk. The bylaws are here:   .

People who street poster for hire routinely ignore the city’s bylaws. They not only cover but also destroy the work of those who do follow the bylaws.

Just before Christmas 2017 a street person I had helped said, “I was offered thirty dollars a week to tear down your posters,m $75 to break your legs and $1,000 to kill you. The thing is, if I have been offered this, others have.”

What do I expect to achieve with this post.

In THE OLD TESTAMENT God says to those He has called to speak, “If the people to whom you speak do not listen I will punish them. If you don’t speak, however, I will kill you.”

Jane Jacobs was an atheist. She taught me that when we see the need to speak and remain silent we die.

Same thing in different words.

What those Old Testament Prophets called The Wrath Of God is simply the logical outcome of our actions.

–Reg Hartt. 12/27/2018.

NOTE: In all of this I have said nothing against the author of this mischief. The evidence comes from the record. The evidence is out there:,  .

City Officer John Sophocleous says MLS will look into this. They have been turning a blind eye to it for years. They still turn a blind eye to it.

Only one poster per subject is allowed on the city’s kiosks. They can not be larger than 8.5×11 inches. These are 11×17 inches. Pre-existing posters were removed by the people posting these. They were destroyed. The city seems to allow this.

People who street poster professional tear up the posters they find on the kiosks. They place the torn bits behind their oversize posters. They know that the city’s officials will do nothing to stop them.


Poster smearing Daniel Goggin. Thousands of these were posted around Toronto by James Gillis (aka “Dr. Jamie).

Poster smearing Daniel Goggin. Thousands of these were posted around Toronto by James Gillis (aka “Dr. Jamie).

Poster smearing Terry Ross. Thousands of these were posted around Toronto by James Gillis (aka “Dr. Jamie).

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