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Who better than a carpenter to build a house for God?

A Talk By Reg Hartt.

7pm Thursday, Jan. 10, 17, 24.

THE CINEFORUM. 463 Bathurst Below College across from The Beer Store  (You may bring your own food and drink). 416-603-6643. Donation $20. Restricted. 19+. ,

Have no doubt. These are the last days. They can last 10,000 years. They are still the last days.

Do you know that Jesus dropped his aitches when he spoke? He was dirt poor.  Do you know the only people HE called sinners were priests and lawyers? Jesus never spoke a hard word to we whom the “righteous” call sinners. How much time do you think The Pope, The Head of The Church Of England (The Queen), your parish priest/minister or Greta Vosper would give such a man? How much time would you give him?                          

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