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“What’s the value of a name destroyed?” said a street woman to me one Sunday morning as I went along College Street in Toronto posting flyers for my programs.

On street pole after street pole were flyers with a bold headline stating BOYS BEWARE. Beneath the headline the text informed all who read it I was a sexual monster.

The woman was pushing a shopping car filled with all of her belongings. She was probably not as old as living on the street had made her look.

She did not stop. She continued on her way. She had had one thing to say. She had said it.

What’s the value of a name destroyed?

Has my name been destroyed?

That certainly has been the intent. Perhaps it is.

Does not matter.

I came back to Toronto in 1970 from Hollywood to run a film program at Toronto’s Rochdale College. Although much that was positive–in fact, overwhelmingly positive–had been written about Rochdale College when it opened in 1968 by 1970, thanks to, in the main the yellow journalism of THE TORONTO SUN, Rochdale was a name destroyed.

People told me on the street as they saw me posting flyers, “We would go to your programs if they were anywhere but Rochdale.”

I had come back to Toronto not to show films but to be part of Rochdale College.

What’s the value of a name destroyed?

Another, better question is has a name been destroyed?

Certainly, every effort has been made to destroy not only my name but also the names of others. They are people no one really knows. They lack the public profile I have.

THE TORONTO SUN certainly has done its part to destroy my name.

There have been an awful lot of people who like the Pharisee and the Scribe in Jesus’s Parable of THE GOOD SAMARITAN saw these attempts to murder my name over the years. They saw the destruction daily being done to me. They did nothing.

Many said, “You can handle it. This storm will blow over.”

This storm has been blowing for a long time, nearly twenty years. It ain’t going to blow over.

One of the people I reached out to was Christian D’Elia .

He passed on by.

Another was Conrad Black  ( , , .

He passed on by.

Another was our Cardinal. His office passed on by.

In fact, all the folk who make a big deal publicly about being Christians have passed on by.

The man behind this long running smear campaign has become a Jehovah’s Witness.

A lawyer one day asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit the Kingdom of God.”

“Love God. Love your neighbor,” said Jesus.

Like all lawyers seeking to define precisely thus making small what is immense asks, “Who is my neighbor?”

In reply Jesus says, “A man was beaten up by bandits. His body lay on the road. A Pharisee came along. He passed him by. A scribe came along. He passed him by. A Samaritan came along. The Samaritan helped him. Who then was a neighbor to the bandit’s victim?”

Samaritans were viewed by Orthodox Jews as beneath contempt. They were seen as lower than the dirt we daily walk one. Not wanting to soil his tongue with the filthy word “Samaritan” the lawyer says, “The one who gave him practical help.”

Not prayers. Practical help.

Right now I could use some practical help.

The years of unrelenting hate have taken a toll on myself as they would on any who has had to endure hate.

It was through no fault of his own the bandit’s victim needed the practical help those who should have given it denied him.

The real lesson here, and it is a long standing one, is that those who make a public profession of being there to help all too often help the least. They are good at playing the violin, making sad faces and getting their beggar’s hat filled with the thirty pieces of silver.

What they are not so good at is sharing that silver.

They are, in reality, the tares sown at night by the enemy among the wheat.

As they sprout up they look like the wheat but when they come to fruit they are the barren fig tree.

Practical sympathy (real help) has come and continues to come from people the folks who sit high on their verandas despise.

People like that weathered woman of the streets pushing a shopping cart filled with all her belongs who asked me, “What’s the value of a name destroyed.”

Jesus rose from the grave of his destruction.

I am rising from mine.

Unless they repent to Hell with The Sun.

–Reg Hartt 2/3/2018.


What THE SUN did not report is that the charges of manufacturing and distributing child porn were dropped because on investigation the evidence shows they are not true. The remaining charges will be dropped.  Hitler taught, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Yes, it will be believed but only by those who prefer gossip to substance.


–Reg Hartt 2/3/2019.


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