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Despite seeing hate posted everywhere Joe Cressy has been silent.

The educational merit ofReg Hartt’s work has long been recognized. This is a matter of public record spanning decades.

Mr. Hartt is one of Canada’s, indeed the world’s recognized artists and writers.

(6) No person shall be convicted of an offence under this section if the act that is alleged to constitute the offence

(a) has a legitimate purpose related to the administration of justice or to science, medicine, education or art; and

(b) does not pose an undue risk of harm to persons under the age of eighteen years.

The house that Hartt built


The Varsity Interview: Reg Hartt

The Cineforum: Reg Hartt and Toronto’s Alternative Film Scene


Jane Jacobs, the author of THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES, first came to my programs the year she arrived in Toronto with her family, 1968. That same year students in Paris rioted over the ousting of Henri Langlois from the Paris Cinemetheque. Reading about it I decided to give Toronto a program like the one Langlois gave Paris. GREG WILLIAMS, MA (Ph, D. Candidate), President, University College Film Society, and Chairman of the Subcommittee for film, U. C. Symposium: I wish we had more time to chat together last night about our respective (and mutual) interests in film.
‘Cineforum’ has attained the status of an institution; it represents an achievement of which you should rightly feel proud.
“I can only hope the ‘University College Film Society’ will someday approximate its success and that I will, personally, match your inspired delivery as a master of ceremonies.
“As a newcomer to the business of arranging film programs, so far I am your equal perhaps only in enthusiasm. Thus I find your presentations to be not only exceptional in their content but also edifying in their execution. As an academic (in the field of English) I am also impressed by the high scholarly standard that pervades your informed and witty introductions,

Chuck Jones is one of the great masters of the animated cartoon. This card was sent to me on the last Christmas of his life. Local animation artists avoid my program because I speak. Not one of them is even close to the caliber of a Chuck Jones.


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