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The best part of what Reg Hartt offers is what he has to say.—Jane Jacobs.

The complete, uncut film of Adolf Hitler’s 1934 Nuremberg rally.

With Commentary By Reg Hartt*

7pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

February 10 thru 28.

The Cineforum, 463 Bathurst below College. 416-603-6643. 17+. Donation $20 ($10 under 24).

*Reg Hartt is one of the top 50 best orators of all time.

  1. JULIA SCUTARU, retired journalist, Bucharest, Romania, 2000 writes; “In Toronto, I discovered by chance, Cineforum. Pure chance but a fortunate one. In that small room exhaling culture, passion and dedication, I watched the movie of (Adolf Hitler’s 1934 Nuremberg rally), an important historical, political and social document., and real artistic achievement….As a journalist (in Romania) I worked in the cultural field, including film reviews. Therefore I came to the Cineforum not just as a movie lover, but as a knowledgeable professional…We live in an era authoritatively dominated by brainwashing and political correctness…I admired Reg Hartt’s courage and passion put in searching out and defending the human truth, the artistic truth, the historical truth; the Truth and unveiling it…Discovering Reg Hartt and his Cineforum was one of the most important events of my visit in Toronto.


PETER MOORE, British Artist: “I am a Brit artist. I love Toronto. I have sometimes heard it said that Toronto is boring. It is a comparatively well ordered city. Maybe that is why some imperceptive people think it boring. The thing is I keep having amazing successes in Toronto. My friend Bob Welton who decided he was much happier in Warsaw than in London used to say in London everything is possible and nothing is probable. I just find in Toronto not everything is possible but lots of things, important things, are quite probable. Does this make sense?

“ANYWAY, a wonderful surprise in Toronto is Reg Hartt’s Cineforum. I was walking down Bloor Street with my friend Alan, a composer, a Torontonian who, searching for fulfillment in London, has realized that everything he wanted existed in his original home, Toronto. It was my birthday. He said, “What do you want to do for your birthday?” I said, “I want to go and see that!”

“I was pointing at a mysterious poster for TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, (the film of Hitler’s l934 Nuremberg rally). I’d always wanted to see that.

So we went and I found myself in the most perfect place on earth to watch a film. With the film was an unexpected treat….a brilliant, unbiased, sensible and stimulating introduction by the amazing Reg Hartt.

3. “Bernie Farber, the national director of community relations for the Canadian Jewish Congress, said he has attended a Toronto screening of the film by Mr. Hartt and agrees it is an educational experience.  “(The film of Hitler’s 1934 Nuremberg rally, unfortunately and very tragically, was one of the most important propaganda pieces ever made. Nazism was nothing if not for its propaganda machine…It laid the groundwork for the German public to accept Nazism, and these are things that have to be studied, in terms of how film can affect people in that way.”–TELEGRAPH JOURNAL, September 20, 1995.

4. “Some time ago I attended a showing of the Nazi propaganda film of Adolf Hitler’s 1934 Nuremberg rally  in a program put on by Reg Hartt (who) prefaced the film with an excellent commentary on the frightening ski11 with which expert propagandists can manipulate and fool unwary, credulous or self—deceived viewers, with this film as an outstanding example of such devilish skill…I thought the program was eminently educational, indeed almost a necessary form of education in the sense that it so vividly and effectively inoculated viewers against accepting propaganda at face value • The program went beyond the all—too—common hassle over “good” versus “bad” propaganda because it was anti propaganda of any sort: anti—manipulation.

“I understand that complaints against repeat programs of this material, illustrating this same anti-propaganda theme, may cause Mr. Hartt to lose his exhibition. I  am sorry to hear this, if only because I am sorry to hear of such a misunderstanding of these programs and of Mr. Hartt’s a purpose and point of view. He is anything but a fascist or admirer of fascism. He fears it, and fears that modern—day fascists may successfully manipulate many people: not necessarily an unreasonable fear… Reflect on what Mr. Hartt is doing and an its educational usefulness for those who. will listen to what he says and then observe the demonic illustrations of his point. Anyone who does that, I think, must forever after be suspicious of being sold a seductive propaganda bill of goods.”–Sincerely, Jane Jacobs. 




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