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For nearly twenty years one man has been telling big lies about myself and others. When he told that lie to the police they had to act.

Is THE TORONTO SUN in league with THE CITY OF TORONTO to destroy Reg Hartt?

That’s a good question.

The answer seems to be yes.

Who is Reg Hartt?

“Reg Hartt has had an amazing impact given the size of the venue and the esoteric nature of the programming. He’s had an incredible impact on the city. No one else is doing it.No one else has ever done it.”–Rob Salem (Toronto Star writer).

“Reg Hartt is the only man in Toronto who stands up.”–Ed Keenan, The Toronto Star:   .

It’s no secret the City of Toronto has been doing everything that it can to shut down Reg Hartt.

“Reg Hartt has been a credit to Toronto for decades.”–Lawrence Solomon

“The city should leave Reg Hartt alone.”–Toronto Star:  .

“I am a friend of Reg Hartt.

“So is anyone who can appreciate a man who teaches the way Neal Cassady drove a bus.

“I mean that, where you have style wrapped around content and tied with a ribbon of beat improvisation, there you have angels.

“Harvey Pekar was an angel.

“And I’ve never met anyone with wings who did not have an ego. Nor is this an easy town for a man who is larger than life, and does not to suffer fools.

“You might like to know that the friends of Reg Hartt included the non-fool-suffering Jane Jacobs, who knew a thing or two about what, and who, makes life worth living in the city; that’s good enough for me.”–Joe Fiorito:  .

“Reg Hartt is what living in a metropolis is all about. He personifies the city as a meeting place of ideas,  as a feast of experience and discussion and debate, as a triumph over the banal and soporific of the original and provoking.” —Michael Valpy, THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“In Toronto, I discovered by chance, Cineforum. Pure chance but a fortunate one. In that small room exhaling culture, passion and dedication, I watched the movie TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, an important historical, political and social document., and real artistic achievement….As a journalist (in Romania) I worked in the cultural field, including film reviews. Therefore I came to the Cineforum not just as a movie lover, but as a knowledgeable professional…We live in an era authoritatively dominated by brainwashing and political correctness…I admired Reg Hartt’s courage and passion put in searching out and defending the human truth, the artistic truth, the historical truth; the Truth and unveiling it…Discovering Reg Hartt and his Cineforum was one of the most important events of my visit in Toronto.” –JULIA SCUTARU, retired journalist, Bucharest, Romania.

Reg Hartt is underfinanced, overworked and snubbed. I think we should pay tribute to him.–DAVID BEARD, owner CINEBOOKS, THE TORONTO STAR, Nov. l, l979

Reg Hartt is acknowledged as a phenomenon in the community. He is someone who does not rely on government grants, subsidies or institutional protection to generate his film activities. He depends entirely on his intelligence, talent and resourcefulness. His events are produced with care and good sense, in a clean and friendly atmosphere and with an almost avuncular consideration for his fans, As a film officer for the National Film Board of Canada for 30 years, I have seldom seen anyone who added so much substance and passion to the cultural fabric of our society as he has done with his lectures and presentations. –DOUGLAS ELIUK, education officer NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA,                          served as Canada’s Cultural Attaché to America.

“A wonderful surprise in Toronto is Reg Hartt’s Cineforum. I was walking down Bloor Street with my friend Alan, a composer, a Torontonian who, searching for fulfillment in London, has realized that everything he wanted existed in his original home, Toronto. It was my birthday. He said, “What do you want to do for your birthday?” I said, “I want to go and see that!”

“I was pointing at poster for the film of Hitler’s l934 Nuremberg rally. I’d always wanted to see that.

So we went and I found myself in the most perfect place on earth  to watch a film. With the film was an unexpected treat….brilliant, unbiased, sensible and stimulating introduction by the amazing Reg Hartt.–PETER MOORE, British Artist.

“Reg Hartt’s Cineforum is a tribute to the virtues of the unplanned, the uncorporate, the uncertified, the unregulated. What a treasure to live in a place where a character like Hartt can make a place for his passions              and his art and where anyone can go and share them.

“Cities, Jacobs says onscreen, need to fight everything that keeps people from “developing their own work.” A city economy, like the weather, “is making itself up as it goes along.”

“Toronto’s government constantly proclaims its belief in the Gospel of Jane Jacobs. But bureaucrats can’t see the value in the kind of fascinating, eccentric home Hartt keeps. Instead, they try to shut him down in the very year they are loudly celebrating the 100th anniversary of Jacobs’ birth. If they understood the first thing about Jacobs’ work, they would let Reg Hartt continue to develop his own.”–Edward Keenan, TORONTO STAR

It’s no wonder Jane Jacobs was an advocate of Reg Hartt. The Cineforum has done no harm, and is not likely to. Rather, by providing a free forum for curious Torontonians to consume and talk about art, it has enriched the cultural life of the city. Any law that would erase this unique landmark on     purely bureaucratic grounds is an ass of exactly the sort Jane Jacobs fought so fiercely against. —Editorial, Toronto Star.

In THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES, Jane Jacobs (a friend and patron of Reg Hartt from her arrival in Toronto in 1968) writes of how city governments arrange scandals to destroy  those who stand up to them.

Mrs. Jacobs was no stranger to that. She, herself, had been thrown in jail.

So what happened? What’s been happening?

Just before Christmas 2017 a street person he had helped said to Hartt, “I was offered $1,000 to kill you. Thing is, if I’ve been offered this, others have.”

Then, in May 2018 officers from Sex Crimes raided Hartt’s home. He was taken into custody. There Hartt learned that the chief source of information against him was James Gillis.

Who is James Gillis?

James Gillis once lived with Hartt. In 2,000 Gillis started a street postering business. From the start Gillis began posting flyers attacking Hartt. Gillis posted flyers offering money to have people harmed and targeting former employees as police informants. He runs a used bicycle business.

This poster was put up by James Gillis around Toronto in 2010. It offers a reward of $500 to have a fellow’s legs broken.

Four years after James Gillis began putting up posters around Toronto designed to bring violence down upon their subjects he filed a complaint against Reg Hartt with the Toronto Police. The complaint ended with Gillis being arrested and charged with Criminal Harassment. The Toronto Sun chose to ignore this. Is THE SUN in league with those doing their best to destroy Reg Hartt? Sure looks like it.

THE CITY OF TORONTO and THE TORONTO SUN choose to ignore that people have been trying to destroy Reg Hartt for decades.

Shame on them both.

As Ed Keenan said, “Reg Hartt is the only man in Toronto who stands up.”

Well, at least there is one.

Fucking ought to be more.

“There is a quality even meaner than outright ugliness or disorder, and this meaner quality is the dishonest mask of pretended order, achieved by ignoring or suppressing the real order that is struggling to exist and to be served.”― Jane JacobsThe Death and Life of Great American Cities

The people you meet in supposed positions of authority will, in the main, be your inferiors. They will lack your imagination, which is why they became bureaucrats…and they will lack your fortitude, having selected institutional support over a life of self-reliance. They spend their lives learning lessons very different from the ones you learn, and many or most of them will envy you and this envy will express itself as contempt. It’s a cheap trick of unhappy people, and if you understand it for what it is, you need not adopt or be overly saddened by their view of you. It is the view of the folk on the verandah talking about the lazy slaves.” —David Mamet, TRUE AND FALSE pg. 110.

Reg Hartt seems to be the one person in Toronto it’s okay to do your best to kill.


–Bill Williams. 3/8/2019.


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