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Forgiveness does not mean that we stand by in silence when we see someone bullying and/or doing harm to others though, from my experience most people do stand by in silence.

It means we do our best to correct and/or stop the situation without demanding punishment.

Native American Elders teach that beating a wrong doer hammers the wrongness in.

They are right.

It seems I have earned the undying hatred of the man who has posted these flyers meant to bring harm to their subjects.

Were I to hate him I would become him.

We are called to forgive others that we may be forgiven.

If we can not do that, if we refuse to do that, if we will not do that then we can park our asses in a church pew for eternity, we can sing all the hymns in the hymn book.

Won’t count for shit.

St. Paul wrote that for a Christian to take another person before a court is to deny Christ.

It is.

Join me in Court on April 10, 2019.

I have been summonsed by the author of this mischief to appear (see below).

He claims that sometime between 2014 and 2019 I threatened his life.

He ignores that between 2000 and 2019 he has done daily everything he could to harm myself and others.

The miracle is that someone has not ended his life but then, those he has done harm to seem to be made of extremely good stuff.

We have actually had to ask people not to harm the man.

–Reg Hartt

In this video James Gillis is seen posting flyers smearing myself:

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