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As I have written just before Christmas 2017 a fellow I had helped told me he had been offered $30 a week to tear down my posters, $100 to break my legs and $1,000 to kill me. He said, “If I have been offered this others have.”

Yes, undoubtedly, they have.

I asked him if the offer came from James “Dr. Jamie” Gillis.

He said, “I know Jamie. I worked for him briefly. No, it was not him.”

So who was it? I neither know nor care.

Neither can I nor anyone else say that James Gillis steals bicycles.

What can be said because it has been reported on TORONTO STOLEN BIKES on Facebook is that people have found their stolen bikes at his sales at 22 Scarfo Lane.

What can be stated was best stated in the country’s most reputable paper:

Bullies don’t like being stood up to.

Ed Keenan said, “Reg, you’re the only man in Toronto who stands up.”

That because I had Jane Jacobs as a mentor.

James Gillis was not the man who offered $1,000 to have me killed.

However posters have gone up around Toronto almost daily since Gillis first began posting flyers for hire in Toronto in 2000.

Gillis  has been and is being seen by many doing this. I filmed him doing it.

Those posters, in the words of THE GLOBE AND MAIL, were designed to bring violence down upon their subjects.

In short, they were and are designed to incite murder.

Stating that is not hate. Hate is posting those flyers.

–Reg Hartt 4/11/2019.

A city that sees value in rules, but no value in letting Reg Hartt bend them, has no right to claim Jane Jacobs’ legacy, writes Edward Keenan.

The city should drop its misguided fight against Reg Hartt…

“I am a friend of Reg Hartt. So is anyone who can appreciate a man who teaches the way Neal Cassady drove a bus. I mean that, where you have style wrapped around content and tied with a ribbon of beat improvisation, there you have angels. Harvey Pekar was an angel. And I’ve never met anyone with wings who did not have an ego. Nor is this an easy town for a man who is larger than life, and does not to suffer fools.You might like to know that the friends of Reg Hartt included the non-fool-suffering Jane Jacobs, who knew a thing or two about what, and who, makes life worth living in the city; that’s good enough for me.”

Michael Valpy in THE GLOBE AND MAIL wrote, “Reg Hart  is what living in a metropolis is all about. He personifies the city as a meeting place of ideas, as a feast of experience and discussion and debate, as a triumph over the banal and soporific of the original and provoking.” 

Google Dr. Jamie’s Bike Clinic. You will find these reviews. Similar reviews are on YELP and elsewhere. The statements are those of the people who posted the reviews. These are not statements I am making.

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