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A person who came to one of my programs asked to access the internet. At the end of May the police raided me because someone had downloaded child porn to my IP address. I didn’t. The police found no trace of the file on my computers and hard drives. My feeling is that if such a thing had been done a VPN would make it impossible to track. Is this true?


I have been the focus of a twenty year smear campaign. Thank you.





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Hello Reg,


Thank you for reaching out to us here at PIA Customer Support. I’m sorry to hear of your situation and hope that things turn around sooner than later. To answer your question without directly answering your question I will say this. A VPN when setup correctly is put in place to effectively mask your IP address for all of your software applications. This includes but is not limited to web browsing, instant messaging, and more. This anonymous IP address will allow you to enjoy the freedom of the internet and the freedom of anonymity as the traffic is encrypted and secure.


Unfortunately a VPN, just like most tools can be used for bad just as it can be used for good. The fact that PIA was created to provide a free and open internet means that we do not keep logs of any kind, period. While this does make things harder in some cases, specifically dealing with outbound mail, advanced techniques to handle abuse issues, and things of that nature, this provides a high level of security and privacy to all of our users. Logs are never written to the hard-drives of any of our machines and are specifically written to the null device, which acts if the data never existed.

Due to this, we’re unable to provide information on our customer’s usage of our service under any circumstance, including subpoenas and court orders, which are extremely closely reviewed before we make any response by our experienced legal team.


With all that being said I would like to state that although we do not log or police the material viewed by our customers content like this is strictly forbidden and covered under the Conduct section of our Terms of Service linked below.


I hope that this brings a little more clarity for you. Enjoy your safe and anonymous browsing and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.



Chris C.

Head of Customer Support

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