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When I was 14 I believed from what I read that I was hated by GOD. That’s what people who said they believed in GOD told me. I’m 73 now tomorrow (June 12).

I know God hates only those who hate. Hatred without just cause is the greatest sin. The Second Temple was destroyed because of hatred without just cause. There is no just cause for hatred.

When I came to Toronto I was homeless. A man raised by his mother to be a prostitute at the age of ten whom I met my first night helped me when everyone else did not.

In PSYCHOLOGY TODAY I read a cover story titled THE VALUE OF THE HOMOSEXUAL EXPERIENCE. It stated homosexual men do one of two things. Most of us accept the condemnation cast upon us and self destruct.

A few of us, a very, very few of us learn to think for our self. Only 2% of the world’s population learns to think for its self.

“Whatever the world condemns you for make it your own. It is yourself.”–Jean Cocteau.

Never tell God you’re sorry.

A man I met my second night in Toronto in 1965 told me the man I had met the first night was a bad person. He said he would help me get a job. I went home with him. He said, “There’s a bed in the basement.” When I got to the bottom of a very narrow stairwell he said, “Turn around.” When I did I saw him standing at the top of the stairs with a hammer in his hand. He said, “Give me what I want or I will kill you.”

As I said, most of us are on the path of the hero but do not know it.

It is time you did.

Heroes don’t cry.

Neither do they ask permission.

They do beg forgiveness.

No one who knows them self will condemn another.

What many do not know is that the two words used by St. Paul n his letters which are today translated as “homosexual” actually mean “spineless” and “men who sell themselves to women for money.”

Queer men by nature are rarely spineless. It takes a backbone to be a faggot.

This film broke my heart. If you have one it will break yours.

There is an old saying, “The nearer the church/synagogue/temple the farther from Allah/The Buddha/God.”

I know no reason to doubt it.

 –Reg Hartt

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