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This film wowed me. Asians seem to have, at least in the films I have seen, a much healthier attitude towards sexuality than we do in Canada and The United States.

Maximo Oliveros, 12 years old and born to sashay, is unbelievably good. His two brothers and his father embrace him with a naturalness and a love I would not expect from a lowest of lower class family of professional thieves who nonetheless say grace before their meals.

Some may find the film’s casual acceptance of Maximo’s desire for a much older man who happens to be a policeman. Clearly the film makers do not.

I have provided links so you can watch it on the web.

The most evil figure in the story is the police captain who lets the object of Maximo’s attention know that if he gives him what he wants he will have a secure career in the police force. This film has shades of complexity I have never seen in a western film.

Maximo is a force of nature.

–Reg Hartt 2019-06-11

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