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Look behind the squashed figure. That’s one phallic looking tree. Saw that for the first time last night because the frame froze when I ran it on my big screen.

Betty and Bimbo are in paradise. We can tell because the natives have a pair ‘a dice on their shields.

Shamus Culhane was justly proud of Betty Boop’s bare breasted hula dance in this film which he animated without using a rotoscope. How do I know that? He was not only my guest in Toronto four times he was my friend (and a great one as knows everyone privileged to have him as a friend).

Animation historians often write Walt Disney was the first to animate speed in 1934’s TORTOISE AND THE HARE. The Fleischer artists were animating speed long before that. The Fleischer films are a treasure for everyone who studies them.

Last night watching BETTY BOOP’S BAMBOO ISLE I saw something I had never seen before.

The Fleischer Studio films are filled with subliminal moments. They are wonderful to view again, again and again.






































Max Fleischer’s BETTY BOOP’S BAMBOO ISLE (1932):


Walt Disney’s TORTOISE AND THE HARE (1934):


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