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In 2012 after the street poster smear campaign described by THE GLOBE AND MAIL began I received an email from a former employee of the author of that mischief.

This man had lived with me by his request for several years.

Here is his email: “I can’t believe XXXXX has done that stuff to you. Terry I can believe, he really hated him. I remember that when I was first working with Jamie he was fucking this fourteen year old girl who was addicted to crack! What an asshole. I thought that he would have self-destructed by now, but he is a stubborn bastard. So yes, I can write a letter for you if you wish… not sure if that would help anything…You could think about suing him, maybe there is someone out there who might help you, it’s libel and it destroys your livelihood for him to have a public campaign like that. I mean there is a reason people don’t put up posters like that. But is there a point? I doubt he is actually hurting you that much and I’m sure there’s always been people who hated you.He just gave the girl money, and she was clearly an addict. He bragged to me about how many times he fucked her and how old she was. Terry might remember that too. In any case morally I think that’s a lot more questionable than anything Reg Hartt or Rob Meade has done. You can go ahead and put up a poster if you like, and give my name to whoever.  If you give my name to someone as a character reference, or you ever need to call me, then my number is  XXXXXXXXXX.”

When I spoke with Terry he confirmed that there was a 14 year old girl. Terry added that the girl was the niece of a Toronto police officer in 14 Division.

After the suicide of my friend Richard Karadza, a superb artist whose work is on exhibition here I held a memorial attended by all of Richard’s friends

One of those friends told me had worked for the man behind this mischief and had at the man’s request made a video of him having sexual intercourse with the girl.

I got a phone call from a Toronto Sex Crimes Detective, Darryl Lindquist, who asked me to come in.

I gave Detective Lindquist all the information I had which was the above

I left out the name of the man who had made the video. He was young at the time. All of us when young do at least one foolish thing we should not (or at least most of us do). There was no reason to drag him into it.

In my eye all the police had to do was investigate 14 Division to see if there had been a police officer there between 2000 and 2009 whose niece had become addicted to crack cocaine.

This was not done.

I found when I was asked to come in over the charges laid against me in 2014 the case had been dropped for lack of evidence.

Lack of effort is the real reason.

I had to hound the officer to talk with Rob Meade (who was willing to go on record. See below).

Terry Ross (now deceased) told me he had not been contacted.

We all know from the Sammy Yatim Case, the Bruce MacArthur case and the continued hounding of this city’s young Black males Toronto’s finest are not.

I don’t give a damn.

What I give a damn about is that if this story is true somewhere in this city is a strung out woman who at 14 was harmed in the worst possible way.

She should be found and helped.

As for the man behind this Native Elders taught that punishing a person for doing bad pounds the badness in.

Let him and the authorities whom it appears have not done their job be.

We know from the example of the police officer who stopped the Yonge Street van driver last summer that this city has lots of first rate police officers.

The vast majority of the ones I have met have been first rate.

I know that also from the police officer who investigated the initial 2014 complaint and from the officer who arrestede and charged the man behind this mischief.

Toronto has lots of first rate police officers.

I’m proud of this city’s police.

The problem is that the second rate people leave an undeserved stain on the first rate ones.

That is how it is.

The main thing for me is that the woman harmed be found and helped.

I reported this to THE TORONTO STAR, THE TORONTO SUN. THE GLOBE AND MAIL, THE NATIONAL POST, City Councillors, MPP’S, MP’s, our mayor, our premier, our Prime Minister.

Not one of them did anything.

I am doing something.

Jane Jacobs taught that when the people who should listen do as they so often do, which is to refuse to listen speak until they do.

When we see wrong being done and do nothing we are worse than the wrong doers.

–Reg Hartt 2019–08–21.

It is even longer ago now.

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