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Coming In October.

TIFF is wonderful. The people who run it are terrific.

There are places in Toronto that those people if they step into them would not want it known.

I love the baths.

I relished Toronto’s Oakleaf Steambath. Too bad it is gone.

Almost everything I needed to learn to succeed in life I learned at The Roman Sauna Bath in Toronto which was a wonderful place. Sadly, it ain’t there no more.

I capped that at New York’s legendary EVERARD BATHS where I learned the final lessons I needed to learn. That place was EPIC.

For those of you new to Toronto looking for a great sauna experience (and we all know that is not to be found in any hotel) Toronto has two saunas which are absolutely first rate.

The beauty of both these places is that the media and the paparazzi won’t go into them as going into them we got to get naked.

Let’s face it, how often do we meet journalists of either gender who could stand being seen naked?

In fact, you probably won’t meet anyone there from the city’s established film community because establishments folks are always sticks in mud. And should you see them there they will swear us to silence.

Those two places:

Oasis Aqualounge


Of the two my preference is SPA XCESS.

The Oasis lets women in free. Men get charged $60.00 per.

That’s a lot of bread and, let’s face it, women who got to bathhouses are women living off their capital.

The only drawback to SPA XCESS if you are straight is that women ain’t gonna be found there.

What will be found there is hands down the best wet and dry sauna rooms in the city plus a great whirlpool bath.

In the basement is a superb gym.

Both the sauna rooms and the gym are underused as the guys who go looking for hookups aren’t into the sauna experience.

SPA XCESS also has a first rate bar and first rate staff.

Everything about the place is first rate.

For those indisposed to the bathhouse culture Socrates went to the baths. That’s good enough for me.

I used to go to THE OASIS when it was THE CLUB BATHS. Haven’t been there since.

SPA XCESS is where I like to go, preferably when I know there will be the least number of people there.

Tell them Reg Hartt sent you.

By the way, if a BJ is what you’d like at The Oasis you’re talking serious cash.

At SPA XCESS you’re talking a gift.

Hands down the better experience.

Just close your eyes and dream.

–Reg Hartt 2019–08–24.

Reg Hartt is recognized as one of the fifty best male speakers of all time. You won’t hear him at TIFF. Only at The Cineforum.


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