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Here are videos I have made so that I could get Metro Licensing And Standards to enforce the city’s postering bylaws.

In them you will see Mr. X as late as last week destroying and covering up my work and that of everyone else.

As you know I now have to defend myself against charges laid by this man.

This is part of his ongoing twenty year harassment of myself and others.

There may be nothing you can do. That is fine.

The least and most important thing you can do is be informed.

–Yours, Reg Hartt

Twenty years of Metro Licensing And Standards turning a blind eye.

Last week I learned that not City Bylaw officers but rather the police visited the offices an arts center which asked me to post flyers for them. I told them I would but only in conformity with the City’s Street Poster Bylaws.

They agreed.

I was surprised when they were fined for violation of those bylaws. They should not have been.

They had been warned that if they continued to use my services they would be fined.

There’s something rotten here.

A friend who’s more streetwise than the vast majority of Canadians asked how I came to be charged for child porn.

After I told him what I have told others (including Robert Kribb, an investigative reporter for THE STAR, he said, “You were stet up.”

I said, “Yes, I know.”

He said, “God bless.”

I said, “Thank you.”

City Bylaw Enforcement Officer John Sophocleous is a good guy.

I included him in the cc of a complaint to MLS Toronto.

John said, “Report it to MLS. They will take care of it.”

I’ve been reporting this for nearly two decades.

They have not and, it seems, they will not.

–Reg Hartt 2019—08—26.

(#291995, #273925, # 5692705….more)

Street Posters may be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches. Only 1 poster per subject is allowed per kiosk. Posters may not cover other posters.


Street Posters 2019–08–23

Street Posters 1 2019–08–23

Street Posters 2 22-08–2019

Street Posters 18–08–2019

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Street Poster Abuse June 12 to July 1, 2019

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Daniel Goggin, target of street poster smear campaign. 2017 09 27

2012: Daniel Goggin on being smeared with street posters

2010 Street Poster Campaign smearing Terry Ross

Street Posters 2017 04 16

4 10, 2016

John-Paul Re on working for the man posting hate around Toronto

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