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Justin Bieber reveals ‘heavy drug’ use and plight of child stardom in emotional Instagram post

Hey, Justin, for a kid swept up by forces beyond his control and carried to heights he could not have dreamed of you’re doing just fine.

Stop picking on yourself.

There’s more than enough folk in the world envious of your fame, your wealth, your fandom who will do that for you free of charge.

In actuality you have done no worse than any other kid of your generation.

The big difference between them and you is that your name sells newspapers.

Most of us are luckier than you are. Our names don’t.

You are doing fine, young man.

I once scored the silent film MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE starring Rudolph Valentino (another young man swept by fame to the heights he had never dreamed of) with your music.

The film buffs who came out of course said your music was wrong for the film. They got right pissed off that I had had the temerity to imagine your music would suit the film.

There were here, however, a couple of older women from Scandinavia  who, believe it or not, had never heard of Justin Bieber or his music.

They came up to me after the film buffs had stormed out. They said, “Pay no attention to those people! That music worked wonderfully. It made the film suddenly fresh.”

So that’s my advice for you, Justin.

Pay no attention to those folks who print your every stumble in bold headlines.

They do that to sell papers.

The truth is they don’t give a damn about anyone or anything except one thing and that is selling papers.

None of us develop the skills we need as kids.

Most of us are pretty pampered just as you were.

In your case the pampering was much more lavish than the rest of us get. That’s not your fault.

When Fatty Arbuckle, the great silent comedy star, fell from grace William Randolph Hearst later stated, “Fatty was a friend. I knew he was innocent. But we sold more papers over that scandal than over anything else.”

Yes, and destroyed the man’s life in the process.

That’s the media, Justin.

You’re going to be around for a long time. You’ve got what it takes to go the distance.

That means there’s going to be more reportage of every slip you make in the news. Why? Because nothing sells like scandal.

So let them scandalize you.

Blasphemy is the greatest sin.

The word “blasphemy” means “scandal.”

As one who has been blasphemed with the gravest blasphemy we can conjure up in our time I can tell you we’re here for one thing Justin.

What is that one thing?

Well, you nailed it when you said, “Jesus loves you.”

Was any man more blasphemed than Jesus?

What’s my advice?

It is simple.

Don’t change anything.

Jean Cocteau said it best, “Whatever the world condemns you for make it your own. It is yourself.”

So there you have it, Justin.

Whatever the world condemns you for make it your own.

You’re doing fine.

Don’t go looking for a meaning to life.

Our lives have the meaning we give it.

What is that meaning.

Well, we find that out when the last word of our lives has been written.

God does not condemn.

Men do that.

I have been told I am the only man in Toronto who stands up.

Well, that’s what we are here to do.

God bless you.

Cheers, Reg Hartt 2019–09–04

“Those whom we meet in churches, divinity colleges or temples desire Heaven and fear He1l. But he who has read  the secrets of the Divine, does not give a moment‘s thought to such matters.”–The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam /


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