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Matt Gurney: The Green Party is so tolerant, Elizabeth May can’t even talk about her Christian faith

“Those ashamed of me in front of men I will be ashamed of in front of God.”–Jesus Of Nazareth.

In all things, Elizabeth, Christ comes first.

I will apologize for how far below the mark Christians, including it seems, Elizabeth May, are.

I will never apologize for trusting in Jesus of Nazareth.

There’s nothing worse than a spineless person.

The word “malakoi” from St. Paul is generally translated today as “homosexual.” It actually is a Greek word that means soft, spineless.

Ed Keenan, of THE TORONTO STAR, walking into The Cineforum/The Public Enemy (located in my home) said off the start. “Reg, you are the only man in Toronto who stands up.”

I said, “There are more.”

All of this talk from so-called Christians about other folk’s sins (the word means “to miss the mark,” it is an Archery term which through misuse by the ignorant has become more emotionally loaded than it ought to be) all of this talk shows how clearly those who engage in it miss the mark.

Why do you worry about the dust in your neighbour’s eye. Look to the log in your own eye. See how to get that out and you will see how to get the dust out of your neighbour’s eye.”–Jesus Of Nazareth.


A casual reading of THE NEW TESTAMENT shows that the villains are priests and scribes (lawyers, scholars).

Ian Wilson in his book JESUS THE EVIDENCE (prepared as a companion to the BBC’s television special of the same:   , , .) Ian Wilson reveals what a Galilean accent was (remember St. Peter was recognized by his accent). Galileans dropped their aitches. When they spoke they sounded like English cockneys.

Jesus was a dirt poor carpenter from the boonies who dropped his aitches when he spoke. He also had nothing but contempt for priests and scribes whom he called robbers of widows and orphans and far, far worse.

It’s no wonder they wanted him dead.

The Jewish state was a theocracy. Those priests were the politicians.

Asked what she’d like to be had she not entered politics Elizabeth May said, “An Anglican priest.”

Deciding to become a priest or a scholar after reading THE NEW TESTAMENT is like reading a history of World War Two and then deciding to become a Nazi.

I’m not saying Elizabeth May is a Nazi.

I am saying that she, like many others, misses the mark.

She has fallen for the 3rd of the 4 temptations of Jesus.

–Reg Hartt 2019–09–12


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