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At Rochdale College there were no teachers. Each Rochdalian was called to be their own teachers. Although many there did not embrace that idea the best did.

What there were at Rochdale were resource people. These were people who having achieved success in their field were invited to live at Rochdale all expenses covered on condition they make themselves available to anyone who wanted to speak with them. Again, while many did not embrace this idea, the best did.

Reg Hartt was drawn to Rochdale College in 1968 by the presence there of Judith Merril, the mother of modern SF and, in the words of J. G. Ballard, “the strongest woman in a genre created by weak and ineffectual men.”  Hard words but true. The  vast majority of writers are hard on the page weak on the stage. Merril was a hard teacher and a great one. Merril at once sponsored Hartt as a Rochdale Resource (an idea opposed at the time by many).

Here are some of the many people who found what they were looking for at Reg Hartt’s Cineforum in Toronto

Al Aronowitz:

Robert Naismith:


Alexei Wood:

Peter Sumadh (The Mad Dalton):

Stedmond Pardy:

Alexandre Hamel:

Yusuke Hoshi:

Bruno Weckerle:

Rene Highway:

Andre Skinner:

Graeme Kirkland/Reg Hartt: HARTBEAT:


Yusuke Hasegawa:

Kiley May:

Jane Jacobs:

John-Paul Re:

Listening to John-Paul play harp is to know how Saul felt when David sang.

There are many more to be added.

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