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Geoff Pevere is one of the finest minds in Canada.

Right now he is in the hospital.

I hope he comes out well as we have no one else around like him.

We all have to go sooner or later.

In Geoff’s case I hope it is later.

The first time I met Geoff was in the 1980s in Ottawa when I played THE TOWNE CINEMA with my SEX & VIOLENCE CARTOON FEST.

I did a radio interview with him.

I was impressed by his intelligence and his sense of humor.

Many have written about my work. One of the best to do so is Geoff.

Conventional writers viewed my cartoon fests as being about all that is wrong with animation.

Geoff understood they are about all that is RIGHT with not only animation but also everything.

As Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali stated, “It is good taste not bad taste which is the enemy.”

His has been a good voice. I hope it continues.

We have far too many people who toe the line.

That is something Geoff has never done.

I’m proud of him.

–Reg Hartt 2o19–09–23.

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