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A letter to NOW magazine.
In my teens in a small town in New Brunswick I read that because I had been sexually active with people of my own sex (since 6) I was hated by God and that anyone who killed me was doing God a favor.
To say I went into an emotional tailspin is to put it lightly. I went straight into an emotional Hell that damn near killed me.
What I did not then know was that there were, are and continue to be many who descend into that pit.

So how did I come out of it?

On a bus trip to Hollywood at the invitation of a friend in 1970 I took with me one book, a pocket sized copy of THE NEW TESTAMENT.
As the bus I was on pulled out of Detroit a fellow who had taken the seat beside me said, “I have no reason to live.”
I ignored him. He said it again. I ignored him again. The third time I said, “Why?”
He said, “I had only one ambition in life. I wanted to suck Jimi Hendrix’s cock. Last night I did it. Now I have no reason to live.”
I said, “Go after Elvis.”
By the time the bus arrived in Hollywood I had read THE NEW TESTAMENT through cover to cover five times. I did not read it to find faith, Jesus or God. I read it as a book.
Doing that I learned that I am not hated by God but that those who say I am damned very much are.
I have since read THE NEW TESTAMENT through cover to cover several hundred times times in different translations.
Not only that, since 1970 I have been as the lillies of the field, as the birds of the air. As far as I know I am the only person trusting absolutely in God the way Jesus calls us to.
I can say authoritatively that David Jonathan Lyn has not a leg to stand on with either Jesus or God. In all probability he’s probably grappling with the fact that he himself is everything he condemns.
Rebellion, so often seen as a sin, is actually a sign of intelligence and of having a backbone. Incidentally one of the two words generally translated as “homosexual” from the letters of Paul actually means to be spineless.
It takes a lot of backbone to be a queer at the best of times.
The man who has directed twenty years of nonstop hate against myself and others says he is a Christian.
I’m not. I’m me.
However I do understand that forgiving those who do wrong to us is the only way to deal with them for otherwise we become them.
Jesus said, “Why do you worry about the dust in your neighbour’s eye? Look to the log in your own eye. Once you learn how to get that out you will learn how to get the dust out of your neighbour’s eye.” That is something an awful lot of Christians seem to choose to ignore, that log in their own eye.
I’m actually grateful to those who try to do me harm. They teach me self control and patience.
Do I believe Jesus rose from the dead? 100% yes.
Then why I am not a Christian?
Because that is not what we are called to be. The word was first used as an insult. The actions of many of those who say they are Christians have made the word an insult to Jesus today.
Pray for David Jonathan Lynn. Clearly he needs our prayers.
Do good to those who do evil to you.
If this letter is too long feel free to edit it.
In the end I am grateful for the fires I passed through. Without them I would not have become my self.

God bless, Reg Hartt

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