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A night to remember.

While everyone else scores these pictures as horror films I don’t.

Before I create a score for a silent film I let the motion picture speak to me. I let the film tell me how it wants to sound.

Shirley Hughes of THE TORONTO SILENT FILM SOCIETY, travels the planet for Silent Film Festivals. She states, “No one on earth scores silent films better than Reg Hartt. He has a real feel for movie music.”

That’s high praise from a person more than qualified to give it.

A fellow showed up to see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925). He said, “I have seen this film hundreds of times including with a live orchestra.”

After the film was over as he left he said, “You nailed it.”

Again someone qualified to speak.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925) with Charlie Chaplin’s CITY LIGHTS ranks as my number one favourite motion picture experience. This film made me fall in love with the potential of the movies the first time I saw it, silent, on my bedroom wall in an 8mm print. I was 17. Now I’m 73. That love gets stronger  each time I see the picture.

Perhaps the most quoted piece of music in the history of the cinema is Igor Stravinsky’s RITE OF SPRING. Film composers are usually given little time to do their work so they are forced to use whatever shortcuts they can.

For its American premiere in New York in 1921 THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI was shown with a score drawn from the music of the ultra modernists, Debussy, Stravinsky and others. For this presentation I have created a score which incorporates Stravinsky’s RITE OF SPRING.

This takes the picture to a whole new level.

For NOSFERATU (1922) which is subtitled “A Symphony Of Fear” I have created a score drawing on the macabre music of the world’s greatest composers. As the film’s spectral images glide across the screen they are carried on the waves of SIEGFRIED’S FUNERAL MARCH (Richard Wagner), THE FUNERAL MARCH and WINTER WIND (Chopin), THE DANCE OF DEATH (Saint Saens), THE BLACK MASS # 9 SONATA (Scriabin, the composer claimed this music will one day bring on the Apocalypse. He went mad after creating it) and more which I want to keep secret.

This presentation of NOSFERATU lives up to the promise of a “Symphony of Fear.”

Join me for this unique experience.–Reg Hartt

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