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As I have stated previously, just before Christmas 2017 a street person I had helped said, “I was offered $75 a week to tear down your posters, $100 to break your legs and $1,000 to kill you. If I have been offered this others have.”

Then, on March 18, 2018, a fellow who came to my program asked to access the internet to check his email.


After that, close to the end of May 2018 sex crimes raided this place with a warrant stating that “on or about March 18, 2018” child porn had been downloaded here.

Again, while people choose to ignore it, it is no secret that that people have acted and are acting to destroy me: 


Last week a street person said, “I am hearing evil things about you. I don’t believe them.”

It is neither an exaggeration nor paranoia to state that I could die today.


Of  course, even without all this each of us could meet death at any moment.


My long time friend Peter Harris dropped dead just as he left his house.


But Peter did not have people deliberately working to achieve his destruction.


I learned long ago that each of us is on our own.

In 1939 in AN OPEN LETTER TO SURREALISTS EVERYWHERE Henry Miller wrote, “When at last each man realizes that nothing is to be expected from God, or society, or friends, or benevolent tyrants, or demo­cratic governments, or saints, or saviours, or even from the holiest of holies, education, when each man realizes that he must work with his own hands to save himself, and that he need expect no mercy, perhaps then . . . Perhaps! Even then, seeing what manner of men we are, I doubt. The point is that we are doomed. Maybe we are going to die to-morrow, maybe in the next five minutes. Let us take stock of ourselves. We can make the last five minutes worth while, entertaining, even gay, if you will, or dissipate them as we have the hours and the days and months and years and centuries. No god is coming to save us. No system of government, no belief will provide us with that liberty and justice which men whistle for with the death-rattle.”

So pardon me if I don’t take the upcoming election seriously but, really, if we think about it, who can?

Nor do I take seriously our much self vaunted members of the 5th Estate.

They are, to a person, strong on the page weak on the stage.

In 1981 everyone I cared about gave me an ultimatum. If I agreed to what they wanted they would stay.

I said good-bye.

As they walked out I felt a fantastic surge of energy. I had thought their leaving would leave me weak. It did not. It left me stronger.

Why? Because their lack of faith was dragging me down.

As St. Paul wrote, “Do not be unfairly yoked with unbelievers.”

A lot of folk fault me for quoting Scripture.

Let them.

As the last person walked out the door I opened the small pocket sized copy of THE NEW TESTAMENT that lay before me.

My eyes flashed on these words: “If you walk with me your father, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, everyone you know will turn against you. If you continue with me you will possess yourself.”

In that instant I realized that the only thing I could ever possess is myself. I realized that until I possess myself I possess nothing. I realized that when I possess myself I possess all.

Joe Fiorito, of THE TORONTO STAR, wrote, “His philosophy as a teacher…? ‘My programs are designed for people without money.’ Yeah, but how does he earn enough to pay the rent? The Lord said, ‘I will take care of you.’ The I Ching says the same thing.” A long time since I met anyone who throws those bones.”

Jesus calls us to consider the birds of the air, the lilies of the field. “If Papa takes care of these which are here today and gone tomorrow do you doubt he will take care of you?”

No, I don’t doubt it.

The media flocks to Greta Vosper, The United Church Minister who says she is an atheist.

At least she’s honest about it.

When I ran my programs at The Bathurst Street United Church I learned that not one of the ministers and the congregation believed in God.

One day I quoted Browning’s “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp…”

As one the people rose shouting, “WE WON’T HAVE THAT HERE!”

I was seized, taken to the door, sent on my way.

I flagged a passing cab.

The driver said, “What happened there?”

I said, “I quoted the poet. I said, ‘a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.’ I never got to ‘or what’s a Heaven for?’ They shouted, “WE WON’T HAVE THAT HERE!’ They threw me out.”

That cab driver said, “My God! They are all losers.”

Yes, they are.

I could die today. Yes, but then so too could any of and one day each of us will.

Now, however, while I am alive I will live.

Unlike Greta Vosper I am not an atheist.

I have no intention of wasting a moment in a church.

I do intend to vote but I know that whomever I vote for that person will demand everything from me but will give me nothing in return.

Let them lie to us all they want.

Let us not lie to ourselves by actually believing them.

As the old saying goes, “The nearer the church/synagogue/temple the farther from Allah/The Buddha/God.”

Believe in yourself.

That is next to impossible.

Let us do the impossible.

Two things are important.

Give love freely.

Never expect to get your gift returned.

Why? Because those we expect to return it never do.

That said, I get the love I give returned constantly from those I never expect to return it such as the street person who said, “I was offered $1,000 to kill you. If I have been offered this others have.”

Yes, they have.

In God I trust.

Let my flyers be destroyed as fast as I post them.


Despite the effort to destroy me people continue to come to my programs.

People continue to say, “Thank you. This is really cool.”

Never doubt that what’s in each of us is stronger than what is outside of us.

“Those who hear my word and follow it are like a man who has built his house on rock. The storm came and beat against that house and it stood. Those who hear my words and do not follow them are like a man who builds his house on sand. The storm came and beat against that house and it was swept away.”

My house is built on rock.

Let the storm rage.

I can stand it.

People say, “You need a good lawyer.”

Lawyers demand to be paid.

When we spend our lives trusting in the power that takes care of the grass of the fields and the birds of the air we learn swiftly we have all we need.

I have a lawyer.

People ask, “Is he a good one?”

I reply, Paul writes “’My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

I, too, boast about my weakness.

Drop by The Cineforum.

Most say to me, “This storm will pass.”

Yes, it will however this storm has been raging for decades.

Jane Jacobs said the best part of my programs is what I have to say. That’s high praise.

Jane Jacobs never said to anyone, “This storm will pass.”

What she would say is, “Come inside until this storm passes.”

But then she was one a kind.

Years ago I read, “One with God is a majority.”

This is true.

Jesus said, “Those forgiven little love little. Those forgiven much love much.”

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

For this reason  we should ignore the gossip mills we call the media.

–Reg Hartt 2019–10–09.

Faith Healing

By Philip Larkin


Slowly the women file to where he stands

Upright in rimless glasses, silver hair,

Dark suit, white collar. Stewards tirelessly

Persuade them onwards to his voice and hands,

Within whose warm spring rain of loving care

Each dwells some twenty seconds. Now, dear child,

What’s wrong, the deep American voice demands,

And, scarcely pausing, goes into a prayer

Directing God about this eye, that knee.

Their heads are clasped abruptly; then, exiled


Like losing thoughts, they go in silence; some

Sheepishly stray, not back into their lives

Just yet; but some stay stiff, twitching and loud

With deep hoarse tears, as if a kind of dumb

And idiot child within them still survives

To re-awake at kindness, thinking a voice

At last calls them alone, that hands have come

To lift and lighten; and such joy arrives

Their thick tongues blort, their eyes squeeze grief, a crowd

Of huge unheard answers jam and rejoice—


What’s wrong! Moustached in flowered frocks they shake:

By now, all’s wrong. In everyone there sleeps

A sense of life lived according to love.

To some it means the difference they could make

By loving others, but across most it sweeps

As all they might have done had they been loved.

That nothing cures. An immense slackening ache,

As when, thawing, the rigid landscape weeps,

Spreads slowly through them—that, and the voice above

Saying Dear child, and all time has disproved.


Philip Larkin, “Faith Healing” from Whitsun Weddings. Copyright © Estate of Philip Larkin.  Reprinted by permission of Faber and Faber, Ltd.

Source: Collected Poems (Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2001)




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