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This has nothing to do with the topic and everything to do with life.As I move into the 5th day of my current bout with either the flu or a cold I woke up wondering if Jesus had ever had a bout with either.

For, until we have passed through a cold or a flu we are completely unaware of how much our lives can be shipwrecked by these diseases, how frail we really are.

So this morning I looked it up. The cold I learned has only been around for two hundred years. The flu goes back farther but not to the time of Jesus.

I get a flu shot every year so it has been a long time since I felt this rotten. Not looking for sympathy here just noting the fact.

Saturday was by far the worst with a noticeable change for the better Sunday but this storm still lingers in my body.

I had thought the common cold had been around a lot longer than 200 years.

Nice to know humanity was spared that until recently.

Each time I get this it feels like the worst. The good thing is that it will pass, not as fast as I’d like it to but it will pass.

Got to get that flu shot asap.–Reg Hartt

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