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Whoever did this is right. On the day we are called to remember the man who spoke for all those we have forgotten was fired.

Don Cherry came to my program once when it was at THE DIAMOND CLUB (now THE PHOENIX).

He demanded I shut up and the movie start.

When that did not happen he raised a ruckus with the management. Management stood by me.

Don Cherry stormed out.

Now you might expect me to approve of the man’s firing yesterday.

I don’t.

Don Cherry is right.

Fewer and fewer people appreciate the high price that was paid for our freedom.

Fewer and fewer people wear poppies.

Fewer and fewer people buy poppies.

Don Cherry was fired on REMEMBRANCE DAY for reminding folks of what they have forgotten.

What we have forgotten.

“You people” includes all people both those born here and those new to this country who refuse to shell out a buck for a poppie.

It’s so small a thing to do to remember those who paid with everything we can offer.

–Reg Hartt 2019–11–11,

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