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I have to raise money to cover my lawyer.

The trial is coming soon (December).

To say this is the most difficult period of my 73 years is an understatement.

My lawyer told me that the police found nothing on my hard drives and computers that they expected to find.

The only thing they have is a file that is a part of my legitimate research which I showed them when they came.

You can email funds to

You can also send funds to my lawyer Mitch Engel: . Mark them as for Reg Hartt.

The time is short. I have gotten almost there on my own but still need around $4,000.00.

As for the PEACE BOND case Duty Counsel informed me when I first appeared in court on it that most people because they have no intention to harm the other party agree to it.

Yesterday I agreed to it.

You can also send by mail: Reg Hartt, 463 Bathurst, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2S9.

Thank you.

–Reg Hartt

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