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Read BIBLE SCHOLARS and we learn that words don’t mean what we think they mean:

Almah (עַלְמָה ‘almāh, plural: עֲלָמוֹת ‘ălāmōṯ), from a root implying the vigour of puberty, is a Hebrew word for a young woman of childbearing age. Despite its importance to the Christian tradition of the virgin birth of Jesus, scholars agree that it has nothing to do with virginity.

In the original Hebrew of Isaiah 7:14 the word almah meant a young woman of childbearing age who had not yet given birth; however the Greek translation, the Septuagint, rendered it as parthenos, a word which means virgin.

Isaiah 7:14 – Wikipedia


If ‘almah means “young woman” in Hebrew why did the Jewish scholar who translated the Book of Isaiah into Greek use a Greek word for “virgin,” parthenos?


The Septuagint is not necessarily a literal translation. Therefore, the use of parthenos by the Septuagint translator of the Book of Isaiah may have best represented his interpretive understanding of the physical state of the young woman of Isaiah 7:14 at the time of the annunciation of the sign. Thus, its use does not naturally lead to the conclusion that he was also speaking of virginal conception. In fact, the presence of parthenos as the rendering of ‘almah, did not give rise in any Jewish community of the pre-Christian era to a belief in the virginal conception of Immanuel.

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Now there we have it or do we?

In Oviedo Spain is a remarkable cloth called THE SUDARIUM OF OVIEDO.

It is the companion cloth to the Turin Shroud.

The word ‘sudarium’ means handkerchief in Latin. According to the record this cloth was wrapped around the face of Jesus as his body was taken down from the cross. It was kept until his body was interred in the tomb where the was then wrapped in a shroud while the sudarium was cast off to the side.

While some view relics with contempt and suspicion both the Sudarium and The Shroud are much, much more than relics.

They are historical and scientific documents.

A full sized authorized replica of the Turin Shroud hangs in my home. As well I have every book and video I could get my hands on. Few come to partake of this document. Many tell me, “I have faith. I don’t need that.”

Well, I have Faith but I also have the fruit of Faith which is knowledge.

A friend taking a course on Christianity told me he just learned the word translated as carpenter can also be translated as stone mason.

Yes, it can but what purpose does it serve to foster confusion which then leads to doubt. For 2,000 years Jesus was viewed as a carpenter. Let him continue to be viewed as a carpenter. The father of confusion and doubt we are told is Satan (The Adversary). I see no good reason to doubt that.

If we are going to accept the miracles including the final great miracle of the Resurrection the acceptance that Mary was a virgin is not that hard to accept.

DNA tests run on the blood of the Sudarium of Oviedo have revealed a lack of the male chromosome, the “Y” chromosome.

That means no earthly father.

That means Mary was not a prostitute whose pregnancy was covered up by Joseph to protect her.

As we enter on the Christmas Season there are a few things most of us don’t know.

We know, for example, that Matthew was a tax collector, the most despised occupation of the day. What we don’t know most of us is that a tax collector did not just walk away from his profession. There were severe penalties. Yet Matthew did just that. Something extraordinary happened 2,000 years ago in his life that made him do that.

Am I saying Mary stayed a perpetual virgin? No. The record does not support that.

There is much about Jesus and Christianity the record does not support but the key things are supported on a foundation of solid rock.

A friend was taken to court by his Christian brother. That’s nothing new. Christians do that daily.

That action, however, shows that the “Christian” who takes his brother to court is not a Christian.

We are called in Jesus to forgive those who trespass against us that we ourselves may be forgiven. If we can’t do that, refuse to do that we are damned not by our enemies but by ourselves. If someone sues us for our coat we are to give them our shirt. If someone forces us to walk 1 mile we are to walk two.

Any person who thinks themself a Christian and takes a Christian or a non-Christian to court is a false Christian. Period.

For more on the DNA in the blood on the Sudarium look at the links below.

To see a full sized authorized replica of the Turin Shroud come by 463 Bathurst Street in Toronto. It is my Christmas gift to you.

Those 70 Rabbis who translated the Hebrew Torah into Greek knew exactly what it should say.

They said it perfectly.

–Reg Hartt 2019–11-19


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