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On Thursday, November 14, 2019 I signed a peace bond brought against me by the person behind the threats described in the GLOBE AND MAIL article above.

When I first went to court over this in April I intended to fight it.

As my moment came to appear in court Duty Counsel said, “Most sign these as they mean the person who brought it forward no harm.”

Over the years since the streets of this city first became marked with posters attacking myself and others I have forgiven the person behind this not for their sake but for my own. It has been said the desire for revenge rots the soul. I agree. It does.

Wednesday morning March 13 I came down with a crippling stomach ache. I could barely move.

Thursday morning I called Duty Counsel. I was told if I did not make it a bench warrant might be issued for my arrest.

I went.

I reflected on the words of Jesus, “If your enemy sue you for your coat give him your shirt.” As well I thought on, “If your enemy take you to court agree with him before you go to trial lest you be cast into prison.”

I also reflected on Paul’s injunction against Christians taking Christians (and non-Christians) to court. Paul states, “Can’t you let yourself be wronged?”

That is an important question. It is one few of us consider. The challenge in it is immense.

Then I reflected who among us was more wronged than Jesus of Nazareth who was hated without just cause.

Is there a just cause for hatred?

I think not.

We are told to forgive those who trespass against us that we may be forgiven.

There are no half measures in that.

So in court I agreed to sign the Peace Bond.

I had no need to sign it for the person, despite their claims, had nothing to fear from me.

Saturday and Sunday I biked around the city with flyers for my programs.

On Bloor Street at St. George I found flyers posted attacking myself.

When the person behind this was arrested and charged in 2017 I received the following:

14 Division

Toronto Police Service

 Mr Hartt,

“X” has had conditions placed upon him banning him from possessing or posting documents or posters with anything pertaining to you on it. If you find any of these posters in the future please call police none emergency line and have it reported.

I called the police to report it.

The posters I saw Saturday were mild compared to the poison I saw on Sunday. There was a multitude of them. Each was designed to incite violence.

I came home in shock.

I am not going to post them here.

I am done with this.

Nor do I want more articles written in newspapers.

Oliver Moore in THE GLOBE AND MAIL stated it as best it can be stated (two of the flyers used quotes from his piece out of context to smear me). That article has moved few to act.

Nor am I asking for pity or sympathy.

I have pity for all those who walk by but do nothing.

Recently I have been faulted for citing Jane Jacobs. Let me be faulted again. She taught myself and many others by her example that we must stand up when we see wrong being done. It was not for her to say, “This storm will blow over,” as has been said to me. Jane would say, “Come inside until this storm blows over. How can I help.”

But that was her. She was one of a kind.

I have done my best to live her example.

Now I find myself exhausted, worn out.

Still what I can do I will.

Jesus said that one of the signs we are with him is that we will handle deadly serpents and not be harmed.

The serpent is not the rattle snake those who read this wrongly let bite them making their faith a circus act to impress the gullible.

The serpent is the great liar who from the dawn has deceived and whose agents continue to deceive as the court was deceived.

This serpent has bit. His poison surges through my body.

Let it.

If a man sues you for your coat give him your shirt.

For those who do not pass by like Jane Jacobs, for those who stop and help as she did I give thanks.

It is builders not destroyers the world loves.

I still need to raise funds for my legal costs.

If you can help drop by or email funds to:

I am close but close is no cigar.

God bless.

Build your house on rock that you may never fear the storm.


My body is healing itself of the poison that struck it down.

–Reg Hartt 2010–1–25.




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