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It’s getting down to the moment.

To return hate with hate is like throwing gasoline on a fire. It ain’t going to help.

For decades one man has done and continues to do everything he can to bring me down.

This story was documented in Canada’s national newspaper, THE GLOBE AND MAIL:  .

Lesser writers have presented this story as a feud. THE GLOBE AND MAIL made it clear it is not.

As a result of the actions taken against me I have had to hire a lawyer. Lawyers are not cheap.

Three people have so far contributed to my costs. Their help is deeply appreciated but I still have a way to go.

This man  has done his absolute best to destroy my self and THE CINEFORUM.

Help make his efforts fail. Drop by and say, “Hello.”

It will be a pleasure to see you.

Those of you who can help can send money to

–Thank you.–Reg Hartt


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